Wildlife conservation, community and environmental volunteer projects and internships worldwide

Build an Agricultural Resource Centre in Nicaragua

Since 2013, SOS has been working with a local nonprofit organization in Nicaragua, to bring an Agriculture Resource Centre and community garden to the community of Pedro Arauz. This year's trip in February will see the completion of the final phase of this project where volunteers will build a fence to surround all the infrastructure at the school, providing a security measure for these crucial community structures. All SOS trips are priced at an affordable and all volunteers are equipped with comprehensive insurance for their safety and protection.

November 18th 2014

Volunteer to Build a Sustainable Rainwater Collection System in Guatemala

Travel to Guatemala with SOS in February of 2015 to the community of Las Arrugas to assist in building a sustainable water project that will impact the community for years to come. Since 2004 over 1,500 SOS volunteers have travelled to 11 different countries in Central and South America to build over 160 sustainable development projects. Our projects are planned in conjunction with local organizations in the countries we travel to, ensuring that we efficiently meet specific needs of a community. As a result, volunteers have assisted in building classrooms, bridges, solar panels, community gardens, libraries and more.

November 18th 2014

Research Volunteer

The Lang Tengah Turtle Watch is looking for a research volunteer to help sea turtle conservation efforts off the east coast of Peninsular Malaysia. Volunteers join nightly patrols on the beaches in search of nesting mother turtles, inspect nests to ensure all eggs and hatchlings are healthy, and complete other chores around the camp. Afternoons are intentionally free of activities to give volunteers time to themselves. Some activities volunteers engage in during their free time include jungle trekking and snorkeling. The organization works and shares data with the World Wildlife Fund, the Malaysian Department of Fisheries, and local universities.

November 2nd 2014

Volunteer in Galapagos

The principal objective of the volunteer project is to preserve the environmental impacts made by inserted species on the native vegetation of San Cristobal Island. The project works toward restoring the native forest and endemic flora of a ecological farm. Volunteers will be working immediately to eliminate and control the inserted plants of the area, and later to start replanting native and endemic tress of the Islands. You will also take care of the native plants in the project nursery.

November 25th 2013