Wildlife conservation, community and environmental volunteer projects and internships worldwide

Residential Peer mentor volunteers

We are looking for young people 16 – 30 to become residential volunteers at our City and Farm Communities near Edinburgh. The role involves living alongside vulnerable young people at risk of long-term homelessness to help them develop practical skills, develop their social networks and create a bank of good experiences to counter tough ones they’ve had in the past. Volunteers are required for placements of a minimum of 6 months. Accommodation is provided and there is a small weekly allowance. This opportunity is great for those considering a move into a caring profession.

January 27th 2014

Crees Conservation and Community Development Internship

Are you looking to start a career in conservation research? Do you want to get involved with local community projects? Are you passionate about sustainability and helping to protect the rainforest? Do you want to lead your own project? crees is excited to offer a 6-month internship programme designed to help recent graduates, gap year students, and career breakers develop specific career skills in conservation research, community development, and non-profit project management, in the heart of the Amazon!

January 21st 2014

Volunteer in Galapagos

The principal objective of the volunteer project is to preserve the environmental impacts made by inserted species on the native vegetation of San Cristobal Island. The project works toward restoring the native forest and endemic flora of a ecological farm. Volunteers will be working immediately to eliminate and control the inserted plants of the area, and later to start replanting native and endemic tress of the Islands. You will also take care of the native plants in the project nursery.

November 25th 2013