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Amazon Photography Internship Programme, Peru

2+ Weeks from

minimum age

  • Enhance your photography skills working alongside a professional
  • Get immersed in the Amazon wilderness
  • Get up close to varied tropical wildlife deep in the rainforest
  • Contribute to conservation and research efforts

Food, Lodging & Travel

Volunteer bed platform

When joining the Photography internship project, the work will depend on the projects and tasks at hand when interns join, which can vary throughout the year. Usually, interns will stay with volunteers from other wildlife research programmes in the Las Piedras watershed.

Volunteers and interns at the project stay in a shared jungle platform with bunk beds and storage. Accommodation is shared with 2 to 16 other volunteers/interns depending on the volume of visitors. These platforms are elevated and sturdily roofed for protection from the elements, but no walls to separate you from the experience of being in the rainforest. Interns are provided sheets, a pillow and a mosquito net. Volunteers, interns and staff share bathrooms facilities with unheated showers, toilets and sinks. There is no internet or cell phone service at the site.

Meals take place at the main community platform where everyone can gather to eat, relax, socialise, recharge electronics (late-afternoon/evening only), and also get away from the bugs. This two-story platform also offers a higher elevated view of the surrounding forest and unique encounters with wildlife who come to the camp, such as curious Capuchin monkeys and singing tree frogs.

Please note! Interns will be staying at the hostel in Puerto Maldonado during the first and last night at the project. Interns will be designated a bed in one of the shared rooms, which have shared toilet and shower facilities.


How to get there

Interns need to arrive in Puerto Maldonado (PEM) either by flight or bus, which are usually leaving from other larger cities such as Lima or Cusco. The bus from Lima can take more than 30 hours. Thus it is recommended to leave from Cusco, if you prefer to take the bus as the journey is only about 10 hours. A representative from the project will come pick you up in either the airport or bus station in Puerto Maldonado, From there they will take you to the volunteer hostel. You will then usually go to the Amazon research site the following day along with the project representative.

Volunteer Requirements

Blue and Yellow Macaws Nesting

Applicants should be at least 18 years of age, be in good health, have a fairly good level of physical fitness. Speak English fluently and be able to swim 100 m unaided. A keen interest, educational qualifications, and previous experience in a related biological or environmental field would be an advantage, but is not required. It is required that all interns bring their own DSLR camera to use during their internship. Equipment such as extra lenses (macro), tripod etc. can be borrowed by the project during your internship. A sense of adventure and the ability to endure challenging and hot conditions are essential.

Visa to Peru

Depending on your nationality, some volunteers and interns are able to arrive in Peru without a pre-arranged visa, and can pick up a free tourist visa on arrival which is valid for up 6 months. Anyone staying longer than the stated visa expiry date granted on arrival in Peru will accumulate a daily penalty fine – this is not recommended. It is required that your passport is valid for min. 6 months after departure from Peru.

Health information

The Amazon rainforest in Peru is within a low-risk malaria zone, and it is rare that you will experience any malaria outbreaks. Rare cases of Leishmaniasis are known, as well as Dengue in Puerto Maldonado, and thus it is important for interns to bring long-sleeved clothes and insect spray to prevent insect bites. Yellow Fever and Typhoid vaccinations are recommended, however, it is best to consult your own GP to find out about current recommended vaccinations.

Amazon Photography Internship Programme, Peru

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