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Amazon Restoration Volunteer & Internship Programme, Peru

1+ Weeks from

minimum age

  • Experience the remote Amazon rainforest and its tropical wildlife
  • Live and work in the jungle of the Peruvian Amazon planting trees
  • Learn about the regeneration of one of the most biodiverse regions on our planet
  • An incredible opportunity to visit a very remote and unique habitat in the Amazon rainforest

Food, Lodging & Travel

The reforestation centre is located on the Tambopata River and is accessible from the city of Puerto Maldonado via a 2-hour taxi and boat ride. Be aware that, once on-site, you will be isolated from contact with the outside world: the reforestation centre has no direct road access, no phone signal, and only an unreliably sporadic and slow internet connection. There are no shops anywhere nearby.

Electricity is limited to the basic solar array, which means charging devices such as phones and cameras is limited to daytime hours on sunny days. There is no refrigerator, and washing clothes must be done by hand. Individual rooms are available to visitors in the large (and lovely) main wooden building, la Casa Fénix, which is also where the farm team lives.

Each room is equipped with a bed, sheets and mosquito nets, but we encourage you to bring your own sheets and pillow if you have specific comfort needs. The house has dry composting toilets and is located just a few steps away from outdoor showers that use cool well water. River bathing is also highly encouraged – just not at night. Meals are prepared three times a day by the beloved cook and shared with the whole team.

On Sundays, the cook takes her day off and we take turns cooking for each other. In general, everyone is welcome to get involved in the kitchen! The food is varied and there are always vegan, lactose-free and gluten-free options on the table. But please let us know in advance if you have special dietary requirements, allergies or are intolerant to specific foods.

Family in Peru reforestationHow to get there

Volunteers, interns and visitors are responsible for their own flights to and from Puerto Maldonado and their stay in Puerto Maldonado before and after visiting the farm. Transportation from Puerto Maldonado to the farm and back is included in the programme cost.  Ideally volunteers/interns should arrive to PEM by 2pm latest for a same day transfer to the centre.

Volunteer & intern requirements

Applicants should be at least 18 years of age, be in good health and have a good level of physical fitness  (however we can accept under 18s with parental consent on a case by case basis).  Whilst Spanish is not 100% necessary, any small amount of Spanish will help for the experience to be significantly more meaningful.  Several of the staff members speak English fluently and if you wanted to have basic Spanish lessons whilst at the farm, this could also be organised.

You need to be prepared to work/live in a wild landscape in a remote location of the Amazon and be comfortable with a poor level of access in the region to modern medical equipment.   It is not recommended to visit the farm while suffering from any medical condition that requires access to medical infrastructure or supervision. Please also be aware and prepared for mosquitos and a variety of other insects that may be present in the jungle.

Volunteers are always encouraged to communicate with team leaders about any challenges they are experiencing transparently. We’ll look for solutions together, in a proactive and constructive manner.

Interns will need to have a personal project on site, and to give a presentation before they leave and will also be involved in helping with new volunteers and arrivals and will help with blog/social media work, so they should have good inter personal and organisational skills and any social media/blogging skills would be an added bonus!

We also accept groups of students/colleagues, as well as families with kids of all ages!  There is no minimum age for the children, as long as the parents are present.

Visa to enter Peru

Depending on your nationality, most volunteers and interns are able to arrive in Peru without a pre-arranged visa and can pick up a free tourist visa on arrival which is valid for up to 3 months (can be extended to 6 months for some nationalities). You will need to request the number of days you are planning to stay in the country upon arrival at Customs at the Lima Airport. Anyone staying longer than the stated visa expiry date granted on arrival in Peru will accumulate a daily penalty fine – this is not recommended. It is required that your passport is valid for a minimum of 6 months when entering Peru.   For Covid entry requirements, please check here.

Massive butterfly PeruHealth Information

The area we work in is within a low-risk malaria zone, and we have had no cases of malaria within the team. Rare cases of Leishmaniasis at the field site are known, as well as Dengue in Puerto Maldonado. Therefore it is important for volunteers to bring long-sleeved clothes and insect spray to prevent insect bites.

We require all volunteers to bring their own water containers to take on the trails because dehydration is very common due to the high humidity and heat.

Both COVID-19 vaccinations and the Yellow Fever are required when entering Peru, and Typhoid vaccination is recommended. However, it is best to consult your own travel doctor to find out about any currently required and recommended vaccinations.

Amazon Restoration Volunteer & Internship Programme, Peru

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