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Amazon Research and Conservation Volunteer & Internship Project, Peru

1+ Weeks from

minimum age

  • Experience the remote Amazon rainforest and its tropical wildlife
  • Learn from passionate conservationists and scientists about the Amazon
  • Contribute actively to important Amazon conservation efforts
  • Meet people from around the World living in this beautiful remote location

"I loved my experience in so many ways"

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It was so incredible, and I’m so sad is over. I definitely have to go back. I loved my experience in so many ways because I was able to be in the most wonderful Jungle paradise while developing my creativity by using things that were around. I met unforgettable people, and this inspired me to create future projects that I would love to develop then on the project. Thank you so much.

"I'd totally be up for going there again!"

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I had such an enlightening experience, joining not only the Primate team but also with a couple of the other research teams, all of whom taught me so much. I mainly went to discover if I’d like a job in field research and get a taster for what each day may consist of. My time certainly inspired me to want to reapply for university in order to go on to study Biological Sciences and later look at carrying out my own conservation research.

I loved seeing so many new species of animal in their natural environment, especially getting close to the primates that’d often travel through the camp! Experiencing somewhere remote and away from a busy life in the city was beautiful, the Peruvian rainforest is such an extraordinary place which I don’t think can truly be conveyed through words or pictures. I’d totally be up for going there again!

"The most amazing experience of my life"

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I’ve just got back from Peru and it has been the most amazing experience of my life! I’m looking forward to coming back. Who knows, maybe with a project which allows me to work there as well. Thank you Charlotte for your time and kindness. [Elena will in August 2019 be going back to carry out her MSc thesis project].

"Returning feeling very inspired"

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My main achievement from this experience was returning feeling very inspired to finish university and feeling more certain that I want to work with rainforest related conservation in the future. The concession is beautiful, loved the river and all the species that I got to see, in particular the frogs and toads, I have a soft spot for these guys! Each coordinator has different projects so I found that interesting, and I liked the freedom we get so we can learn from them and tag along even if we didn’t pick that team. Thanks again for everything.

"I had such a fantastic time at the Amazon project"

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I had such a fantastic time at the Amazon project in July. I saw so much cool stuff and was reluctant to leave at the end of my stay. I honestly can’t think of any improvements. It was professionally run and everyone, coordinators and volunteers, were very welcoming throughout. It was a great trip and I hope to be able to go back soon.

"We absolutely loved the experience"

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In summary, we absolutely loved the experience, the place, and the people we met and supported. It was a great experience, and we are actually considering to do another volunteering next year, likely in Africa.

"It was a great experience and I learned much more than I expected that I would."

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It was a great experience and I learned much more than I expected that I would. The real interactions with both locals and foreigners that work there was incredible. It was a very raw experience where one can play a part in the everyday struggles of rainforest conservation. Both the accommodations and food were much better than I thought. The amount of activities that I could do was also a positive. In addition, I enjoyed the flexibility of being able to partake in activities with the other research teams as well. I was never bored or uninterested as there was always something to do. Overall, this was a positive experience that was well worth it. It is an amazing organization run by people that are passionate about what they do.

"It’s an experience I will never forget!"

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I had an absolutely wonderful time in Peru. I met some amazing people, all the coordinators were great, especially my coordinator Casey! I had a close encounter with a Tamandua which was the highlight of the trip, as well as seeing a tapir and it’s baby swimming in the river. The living environment was great, I loved waking up to the sight of tamarins jumping around the trees just metres away from me. Many of the monkeys would pass through camp which was amazing. The food was really good. I had an incredible time, it’s an experience I will never forget!

"This place is truly magical!"

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In my time with the project, I spend a month helping with Fungi research at the Amazon Research & Conservation project, which is located deep in the jungle and therefore surrounded by beautiful nature and animals. Most of my time, I spent with joining the other incredible research teams and their volunteers and interns. These inspiring people have been great friends to me during my time there and I will miss you guys dearly. This place is truly magical!

Peruvian Jungle, I’ll be back soon!

"I had a great time in Peru on the Amazon project!"

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I had a great time in Peru on the Amazon project! The primate team was great and I really enjoyed getting to try the other projects as well. I think that 2 months was a perfect amount of time, and I would recommend that to other volunteers/interns. This project is definitely good for anyone who wants a research/field experience rather than your typical ecotourism.

"My time at the Amazon project was an amazing experience that I wished hadn’t had to end"

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My time at the Amazon project was an amazing experience that I wished hadn’t had to end. I had always wanted to visit the Amazon rainforest, and chose to volunteer for the primate research programme as I figured this would be the best way to see as much as possible, and plus, monkeys are very entertaining to watch. Sure enough, monkeys weren’t the only thing I got to see; there were macaws, caiman, tapir, plenty of snakes, and loads of spiders!

Helping the primate research programme was great. I got to learn a lot about primate behaviour, research methods, and the rainforest in general. It can get very chaotic chasing a troop of monkeys around the rainforest so be prepared to get the odd spider web in your face or an occasional army of ants in your pants.

It wasn’t just the rainforest and wildlife that made my time in the jungle so great, it was the people too. Everyone there is so passionate about what they do and full of interesting facts and anecdotes, but above all they were very friendly and made me feel welcome from day one. My research programme coordinator was really enthusiastic and ensured I knew what I was doing and why it was important, but above all she made sure I enjoyed doing it.

Whether you’re a researcher, volunteer, or tourist, this project will give you a once in a lifetime opportunity and experience; from tree climbing to caiman catching I got to try it all, and best of all, I know that I contributed towards a genuinely worthy and massively important project.

"Working Abroad delivered exactly the hands-on experience I had hoped for"

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I recently returned from two weeks volunteering with Working Abroad in Amazon Basin Research & Conservation in the Madre de Dios region of Peru. Their partner project here is run by a group of like-minded scientists, students, interns and volunteers whose mission is to protect this eleven-thousand-acre tract of primary forest and to educate the public regarding biodiversity and the need for habitat protection. Working with local people they are also helping build sustainable economies, respectful of the surrounding forest. Their mission to protect this land extends to all of its residents, even the tiny ones (see below).

I was involved with their Tropical Fungi Program but they offer other opportunities. I had stayed previously at a number of eco-lodges but this time I wanted to dial my rainforest participation up a notch. Working Abroad delivered exactly the hands-on experience I had hoped for. Besides the experience of this beautiful natural setting and the satisfaction of helping a worthwhile cause, a bonus was the feeling of having joined an extended family. Truly diverse, our ‘family’ included folks from Israel, Canada, The U.K., South Africa, Peru and the U.S. including me (grandson of a Welsh coal miner). Meal times included sharing stories of our day and what we saw or accomplished.

Working with their on-site mycologist, we catalogued about 200 different fungi (rainforests host an estimated 2 – 6 million types so we have a way to go!). Other teams included herpetologists (reptiles) and primatologists (monkeys in the Neo-tropics) as well as adventurers and photographers but even as we focused on our specialities we all shared in sightings of unusual and interesting animals and plants.

Tropical spiders, not known for doing well in freezing weather, on discovering an apparently lifeless one in the freezer, most folks would unceremoniously dump her in the compost bucket. As I had previously related the story of resuscitating a Trap-Door Spider found at the bottom of a cold Jacuzzi, ‘freezer spider’ was gingerly carried to me (the spider-whisperer) with the urging, “work your magic.” I placed her on the mushroom examination table where I was working, administered a few warm breaths and after half an hour she was walking about. To the person running this center, even a spider which has blundered into the freezer is a valued rainforest resident! When administrators rescue unconscious spiders from the freezer you know you are among passionate conservationists.

You can read Brian’s full blog piece about his time in the Amazon in our ‘From the Field’ blog.

"My experience went beyond any expectation"

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I have been in the Amazon for 3 months and it has been awesome! I did not know what to expect, but my experience went beyond any expectation. In general I found the project extremely well organised and safe for being in the jungle. I heard about the experiences of other people in similar organisation and it sounded like this project was one of the best. I could feel there was a general attention to make sure that volunteers and tourists were having the best time in a safe environment. The first day I received all the most important information about possible dangers in the camp and outside. I found the general organisation in the camp extremely efficient. I appreciate that everyone had daily tasks to help and contribute to keep common spaces clean. Food was delicious and generous; I loved the open space platforms where we were sleeping; the staff was friendly and helpful for any doubt and necessity.

Being there for 3 months, I had the opportunity to work and assist to all the projects present in the camp. I was fascinated by the people’s enthusiasm and dedication carrying their projects and was for me really inspiring having these guys around me. Especially, I had really good time with the lead scientist responsible of the primate project. She was always enthusiastic about what she was doing and she was making sure everyone was involved in the project. I appreciated that rather than deciding our schedule, she was planning the daily task according to our physical condition. Usually we were going out during the early morning to take advantage of chilly weather and be back for lunch. Our main goal was to find a specific group of spider monkeys and take note of all their daily activities: what they were eating, their interaction with other monkeys etc. She knows a lot about her project and I learnt a lot being next to her. Even when we could not find our lovely monkeys, she was always making sure we could get the maximum in term of animal sightings during our daily exit.

In general, vibes in the camp with other volunteers and researchers were really good. After 3 months I felt being part of a family. I was lucky enough to be surrounded by amazing and inspiring people that wanted to share their passion with others. I came back from this trip full of amazing memories, teaching and pictures! I would definitely suggest this place to whoever would like to make such an experience.

"It was a really enlightening experience that has completely changed the way I think"

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I had a great time in the jungle, it was a really enlightening experience that has completely changed the way I think and view things which is amazing! I will definitely try to look to go back again in the future when I have enough money to afford it. I made some great friends whilst there and the staff and volunteers were all very helpful and friendly. I think that the numbers were good and that the experience would be ruined if there were too many people in a group.

"The program was fantastic"

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The program was fantastic and everyone was super sweet. I had the best Christmas ever. I mainly focused on primate project with lovely wild animals. I really appreciate this great experience and wish to come back in the near future.

Amazon Research and Conservation Volunteer & Internship Project, Peru

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