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Animal Rescue Volunteer Project, Portugal

2 Weeks+ from

minimum age

  • Help to support an animal rescue centre and learn about local Portuguese animals
  • Work alongside a team of dedicated conservationists and meet new people
  • Experience the beautiful natural surroundings and get close to nature
  • Explore Portugal's amazing tourist and cultural sights during your time off

Useful Information About Portugal

Lisbon city view, PortugalLocated at the very edge of the Iberian Peninsula in southwest Europe, Portugal is a combination of cultural, historic and natural treasures.  Adventuring in this country takes many forms.  From paddling under magnificent limestone cliffs where grottos and caves shadow the glistening waters to marveling at architecture; like that of two of the country’s UNESCO world heritage sites, the main chapel of Jerónimos Monastery in Lisbon and the striking red and yellow Pena Palace in Sintra.

To read more about Portugal’s climate, geography, history, culture and biodiversity, please click here.

The Projects Goals

  •  Promote and disseminate the values of our association;
  • Contribute to public opinion on topics aligned with our vision, through the
    dissemination of studies, opinions, lectures, debates or clarification sessions;
  • cincilla_portugalContribute to the medical-veterinary support of wild, stray, and abandoned
    animals or from low-income families;
  • Raise awareness on animal welfare to younger generations and the most
    disadvantaged social classes;
  • Issue opinion papers on the elaboration and regulation of animal
    protection laws;
  • Promote veganism;
  • Promote the protection and enhancement of the natural and humanitarian
  • Report and promote the rescue of animals in situations of neglect or abuse;
  • Contribute to the adoption of stray, abandoned or rescued animals from
    situations of neglect or abuse;
  • Support other organisations and individuals on animal welfare;
  • Contribute to the prevention of the dilapidation and destruction of the
    environment of wild animals;
  • Contribute with scientific data to find solutions for managing stray animal
    communities and ensure their well-being when implementing them;
  • Cooperate and encourage public and private initiatives aimed at promoting
    and defending the interests of animals.
Animal Rescue Volunteer Project, Portugal

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