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Caribbean Reef Buddy Diving Project, Carriacou, West Indies

2 Weeks+ from

minimum age

  • Learn to dive in the warm, crystal clear waters of the Caribbean
  • Become an Eco Divemaster and start your diving career
  • Take part in coral reef restoration and regeneration
  • Take part in Shark and Apex predator surveys

About the Reef Buddy Volunteer Project

Caribbean Reef Buddy was established on the Caribbean island of Carriacou to provide a sustainable resource which would independently help to measure, monitor and educate a combination of the local community, local government and international volunteers. The data collected also helps guide the environmental planning of our fishery and marine protected area.

Caribbean Reef Diving | Volunteer in Carriacou | Working Abroad

Volunteer participants with Caribbean Reef Buddy will be involved in:

  • Coral reef surveys, including assessments of fish, benthic species, and substrate composition
  • Coral reef regeneration
  • Invasive Lionfish containment
  • Macroinvertebrate research and data collection
  • Sharks and apex predator surveys using BRUVS.
  • Diver Impact assessments dives, including monitoring and data aggregation

Volunteer Programme

Our volunteer programme runs on a rolling basis for 20 weeks from the first Sunday in May to end September.  The programme is then broken down into 4 week blocks, with each block starting with what we call “Training Week”.  The remaining 3 weeks are then all dedicated to project delivery.

We require that volunteers come to assist for a minimum of 2 weeks, and options exist for us to tailor-make a programme which fits your aspirations for the summer.

Popular Reef Buddy Volunteer Programme options include:

  • 2 Week Starter – For complete beginners, includes Training Week and one project week
  • 2 Week Project – for advanced level divers with more than 15 logged dives, and includes 2 weeks of project work
  • 5 Week Advanced – for advanced level divers, this option has 4-weeks of project work with First Aid/Rescue training included too.
  • 8 Week Complete – Work with us for 2 months and participate in all of our projects. This is open to complete beginners and is our most rewarding programme option
  • 8 Week Eco-Divemaster – For those interested in potentially working in marine conservation, you’ll spend up to 4 weeks working on our projects before embarking on your professional Divemaster certifications.

Volunteers with Reef Buddy tshirtsAs someone who has never dived before, or has less than 15 dives logged, you’ll need to join us for Training Week and we’ll quickly advance you diving skills and certifications to a point where you will be competent and safe to work on the coral reefs. If you’re ‘Advanced’ certified and have more than 15 logged dives you’re more than welcome to join Training Week and advance your certification level through First Aid and Rescue. This will help to make you more competent and aware in the water. Or you can join directly onto any of our project weeks.

We Are Family Friendly too!

Whilst our programme is restricted to over 17’s for individuals, we are able to support families and groups with younger participants (min 12 years old) too. We tailor the project specifics and theory to the target audience to make it a thrilling and informative session that all the family can participate in.

What will you Learn as a Volunteer?

Volunteers can enhance their marine-based knowledge through taking part in this volunteer programme. Various conservation training will be given through different theoretical and practical workshops.

The programme aims to:

  • Provide volunteers with a sound understanding of marine ecosystems
  • Enable volunteers to identify various coral, fish and benthic species distributed around the Caribbean Sea.
  • Understand the risks and planning considerations for working with apex predators and sharks
Caribbean Reef Buddy Diving Project, Carriacou, West Indies

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