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Caribbean Reef Buddy Diving Project, Carriacou, West Indies

2 Weeks+ from

minimum age

  • Learn to dive in the warm, crystal clear waters of the Caribbean
  • Become an Eco Divemaster and start your diving career
  • Take part in coral reef restoration and regeneration
  • Take part in Shark and Apex predator surveys

"Really glad to have been part of a really worthwhile project"

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We both had a fantastic time, so much that Harry stayed for more.  The team were extremely knowledgeable and made the whole experience more than just a diving holiday. The educational aspect really enhanced the understanding of the Reef Buddy program. Really glad to have been part of a really worthwhile project on such a beautiful island.

"Overall a great experience"

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The project was great and I stayed an extra 2 weeks because of how well it was going. Everyone was really friendly and the project itself was really fun and overall a great experience.

"The diving was amazing and I learned so many new things"

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I had the most amazing time in Carriacou and am hoping to return in the next few years. Everyone was so welcoming and friendly, I loved that most of the volunteers stayed at the same hotel; on our first Sunday one of the group, who had already been there for 4 weeks, came and knocked on our door to see if we all wanted to go to the beach which was a lovely thing to do.

The diving was amazing and I learned so many new things and want to continue to do so. I also learned a lot on a personal level too, seeing a huge increase in confidence as a person.  Everyone back at home know how much of a great experience it was because I don’t shut up about it and still talk about it regularly. In short, the best thing I have done so far!

"The whole project was organised so well"

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I enjoyed my time with CRB immensely. Everything about it was just spot on. From being met off the ferry by Matt when I arrived a few days early who was friendly, approachable and extremely passionate about diving. CRB offered and included me on the boat to do some snorkelling before my Open Water course commenced. All of the other instructors and divemasters were equally very friendly, approachable and pleasant. Upon meeting the volunteers who were already there I could tell that the atmosphere was a very positive one and that they were all enjoying their time there.

The whole project was organised so well, the learning, making it so enjoyable and fun, the team work and also being appreciated and respected. This is so apparent in the how some of the current volunteers extended their stay whilst I was there and even a couple from last season/year now employed with CRB. I also met a returning volunteer from last year.  If I get the chance I would also love to become a returning diver to Carriacou.

Would I recommend CRB? Most definitely 100%.

"During our time there we learnt so much about marine wildlife and reef environments"

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The Caribbean Reef Buddy project is more than just a volunteering and conservation team, they make living, working and diving in the Caribbean so fun and accessible. During our time there we learnt so much about marine wildlife and reef environments that the conservation became internalised and now I always think of the environmental impacts of everything I do in daily life. We will be returning for sure!

"The dive sites were incredible and all the staff were extremely knowledgeable"

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I had a wonderful time with Caribbean Reef Buddy. Everyone at the dive centre were very friendly and helpful. My instructor Katlynd was an excellent teacher and made me feel very safe. My training was also a really fun and enjoyable experience and I loved every dive. The dive sites were incredible and all the staff were extremely knowledgeable. The conservation project was amazing and I felt like I was making a difference. I really enjoyed being part of it. Again, Katlynd was excellent teacher which helped me feel confident. I couldn’t have asked for a better diving and conservation experience and I would love to return one day.

"The various speciality subjects such as Reef watch, underwater photography were brilliant"

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It was the best experience I have genuinely ever had.  Everyone there was lovely and helped make the experience as good as it was. The accommodation is good and you are certainly well fed. I believe these guys are genuinely interested in marine conservation and these are not just tick box exercises for them.  Great to go away with so much knowledge that I can pass on to others.

All of the teaching be it diving or the various speciality subjects such as Reef watch, underwater photography etc were brilliant. I struggled a bit with diving for the first few days but the instructors were patient and soon I forgot the struggles I had originally had. I may well return there and If I don’t I will certainly be diving more and gaining more PADI certificates.

Thoroughly recommend these guys and would still be there if I didn’t have a job to return to, and mortgage, dogs etc!

"I can hardly believe how much I have learned in 8 weeks"

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I’ve loved it so much here that what started as an 8 week trip has turned into an 18 week trip. Yesterday, I completed the program I came for and my Divemaster training and am now staying on as an intern to continue learning more about the dive industry and to keep working with this amazing team.

I can hardly believe how much I have learned in 8 weeks. Before coming here, my primary goals were to learn more about marine wildlife and conservation efforts, and to become a better diver and get the training needed to be able to work in the industry, so that I can travel as a dive professional. The amazing team at the project have taught me all of that and more. They have instilled in me the same passion that they have for the underwater world, and they are also fantastic dive instructors.

"I gained confidence and valuable diving experience at the Reef buddy project"

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My 8 week Eco Divemaster programme was a memorable experience. 8 week time well spent I was surprised how much I learnt in this time frame. This was going to be my first volunteer work abroad in Coral conservation and Lionfish containment.

My objective during this volunteer programme was to learn and contribute to Coral conservation work and Lionfish containment and to progress in scuba diving, as I wanted to venture in a whole new career in the diving world, to certify in PADI open water, Advanced open water and Divemaster. That’s exactly what I accomplished during this 8 week programme. I gained confidence and valuable diving experience at the Reef buddy project.

The Reef buddy project has an incredible setting to learn various dive courses and to learn and contribute to Coral conservation work and Lionfish containment. The Turquoise and Cobalt blue colours of the Caribbean sea is incredibly beautiful, I was always looking forward to getting in the water when I was there. It made me feel so refreshed. There are various dive sites you can visit, each has its own unique qualities. Reef walls/ volcanic bubble gardens and a wreck with sightings of exotic fishes and wonderful marine life.

The team at the project are full of enthusiasm and inspiring knowledge and will happily make your diving experience an enjoyable one. I also have to add my lovely 8 week stay at John’s Unique resort. Owners are a delightful couple Tim and Mishka with their friendly staff, made my stay so warm and hospitable which I’ll never forget. I had a wonderful time and so should other people out there. It’s absolutely rewarding and gives you a fresh perspective on life. Thank you too WorkingAbroad for giving me the opportunity and to many more people in the future.

Caribbean Reef Buddy Diving Project, Carriacou, West Indies

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