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Volunteer in Ecuador to Conserve Cloud Forests

1-12 Weeks from

16+ for individuals - families no
minimum age

  • Volunteer in Ecuador to conserve cloud forests
  • Learn about sustainable food production, building and farming techniques
  • Gain hands-on forest conservation experience and help to preserve this important ecosystem
  • Opportunities for long term research internships with capuchin monkeys and large mammals
  • Exceptional family volunteering opportunities available

Volunteer in Ecuador: Cloud Forest Conservation

Conservation volunteer collecting data in Ecuador forest

Our conservation-focused volunteer programme offers an exciting opportunity to conserve cloud forests in the heart of Ecuador. Volunteers can participate throughout the year, for durations ranging from 1 week to 3 months, contributing to various conservation activities.

Key activities include:

  • Reforestation with native trees.
  • Developing and maintaining trails within the cloud forest reserve.
  • Collecting data for the station’s research initiatives.
  • Monitoring large mammals, including big cats, using advanced camera traps.
  • Participating in the long-term conservation project focused on the White-Fronted Capuchin Monkey.
  • Cultivating organic vegetables and medicinal plants.
  • Engaging in sustainable animal, food, and wood production.
  • Learning and applying eco-construction techniques.

Iguana in Ecuador

In addition to volunteer opportunities, you’ll engage in cultural exchanges with our Ecuadorian staff, attend educational lectures, and participate in bi-weekly hikes.

This programme also offers personalised and specialised experiences for families, groups and independent researchers:

Family Volunteer Experience

Short on time but wish to make the most of your Ecuador trip? Our 5-day Family Volunteer Experience Package is designed for families wanting to immerse themselves in Ecuadorean culture and history while exploring the tropical natural environment. This programme features hands-on volunteer activities such as organic farming and reforestation, offering an inherently educational experience.

Travelling, Volunteering and Learning Programme (TVL)

Volunteer sliding down waterfall in Ecuador

The TVL is perfect for groups of volunteers limited by time but still keen on making a worthwhile contribution. This programme includes activities ranging from reforestation, forest conservation, hiking in the cloud forest, to learning about medicinal plants and eco-construction workshops. This project requires group bookings, so please enquire.

Research Internships

We also accommodate volunteers interested in conducting independent research projects during their stay. Whether you’re a university student doing dissertations or wish to undertake scientific research, we offer guidance and supervision throughout your project. Topics can range from wildlife to agriculture. This opportunity enhances both your personal and professional skills, offering self-directed learning and research techniques.

Research Topics

Puma volunteer research

All the research projects conducted should use non-invasive methods.

Ongoing Projects
  • Mammal monitoring using camera traps
  • Capuchin monkey demography, behaviour and feeding patterns
  • Phenology of native hard wood species
  • Frequency of use of a mineral lick in the Cloud Forest using camera traps
Independent Project Areas
  • Comparative studies of wildlife diversity and abundance according to different altitude levels and land uses
  • Studies of bioindicator species
  • Topics related to organic agriculture and permaculture
  • Social studies related with conservation

For more details, please email Vicky at info@workingabroad.com 

“Seeing the passion and dedication that volunteers put into their work, gives us the motivation and the energy to continue with our mission of conservation and education.” – Quote from Project Manager

Volunteer in Ecuador to Conserve Cloud Forests

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