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Coral Reef Restoration & Diving Project, Bali

1 - 8 Weeks from

minimum age

  • Help to conserve the coral reefs and marine biodiversity of South East Asia
  • Gain diving experience and develop marine conservation and scientific research skills
  • Experience the stunning tropical beauty of Bali
  • Meet and work alongside a team of motivated conservation divers from around the world

"Personally, my stay was an unforgettable experience."

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Personally, my stay was an unforgettable experience. I must admit, though, that it wasn’t only for the conservation side of it, but mainly because of the interpersonal exchanges that I had for 3 months. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed our daily activities: building structures, deploying them, and witnessing through our weekly dives the tangible impact that our labour had on the reef. However, the friendships, the conversations, the social interactions… those for me were the highlight of my experience.

This project gave me the opportunity to meet AMAZING people. People with whom I was able to build super strong bonds that I hope will last through time and distance. I was able to be myself (no place to hide really) and I felt like who I’m as a person was appreciated. Not sure if it was because of where I was in my life, but I felt that I met the people that I was supposed to meet, and that they helped me grow and gave me a different outlook on certain aspects of my life. In a way, it was a healing experience for me.

I also have to say that my experience would not have been the same without the outstanding local team. They’re the sweetest people ever. Always a smile, always ready to help, and always trying to make our stay the best possible. And they work hard, long hours, morning to night, always with the best attitude. They also became a pivotal aspect of my stay, as they became my family while I was so far away from home.

I think my stay in Bali was exceptional because I went there with no expectations whatsoever and because I had done some research beforehand. I knew I was going to a place in the middle of nowhere. I knew I was going to be sharing almost everything with other people and that I was going to have basic amenities. I also knew that I was going to a tropical location, where I was going to have to deal with animals, bugs, etc. I was open to all of this and to another culture, to different flavours and to different ways of doing things. I think this helped me focus on what really mattered to me, so I could enjoy every moment even more. I saw many people struggling, because they expected to find their own country (with all that encompasses) in Bali. Therefore, if someone would ask me for advice, I would tell this person to be a white canvas and to have zero expectations. It takes a few days to adapt to the change, but if you go with an open heart, the outcome could be truly amazing.

It’s been almost a month since I left, and I think of what I lived there every single day. I was heartbroken to leave and now I feel like I left a piece of my heart in Bali. I hope I will be able to go back and visit everyone soon.

"I sobbed when I left and I’m not the only one! I couldn’t recommend it more."

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My time in Bali with the project was genuinely one of the best decisions I’ve made. The local team are all glorious people and the programme is really well put together and so much fun. Make the most of it by getting involved with all of the building and diving sessions. The food is amazing (thank you chefs) and just know that you’ll be well looked after. Kyle, Ketut, Sukma and Danda will make sure you have everything you need. Try and explore as much of Bali as you can at the weekends, they’ll be a great group to do this with so not to worry if you’re travelling solo as I was – you’ll make pals quickly. The best bit of advice I could give is to make sure you spend time getting to know the locals and their families, they’re all super friendly and a laugh so don’t be shy. I sobbed when I left and I’m not the only one! I couldn’t recommend it more.

Coral Reef Restoration & Diving Project, Bali

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