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Coral Reef Conservation Volunteer Project, Cuba

1-4 Weeks from

minimum age

  • Dive daily in the clear blue waters of Cuba
  • Contribute to important coral reef conservation efforts
  • Get immersed in Cuban culture living and working with locals
  • Experience a beautiful island of the Caribbean

Food, Lodging & Travel

Housing is provided for all programme participants and will consist of shared living in the volunteer house. The house has 2 bedrooms, where participants will share a bathroom, but volunteers will have a private room as long as availability permits. Maximum 3 people can stay in each bedroom. Staff will do laundry up to two times per week and provide three meals a day – cooked in-house by a private chef. Vegetarian and vegan options are available.

The villa is a very short walk from the ocean and town centre. Cocodrilo is a small town, safe, and everyone is very friendly. This is the perfect opportunity for volunteers to immerse themselves in the culture. The volunteer house in Cocodrilo has a Cuban cellphone that you can use to receive international calls and make calls within Cuba while you are in Cocodrilo. Because there is no internet or wi-fi, this will be the way you communicate with your family and friends.

Visa to Cuba

Cuba requires all visitors to enter with a tourist visa, also called tourist card. Tourist visas must be purchased at the airline counter when you check in for your flight, as you will be required to have a tourist visa to board the plane. Prices of visas will vary depending on airline. Tourist visas are only valid for 30 days, so make sure your trip is less than 30 days. Please contact your airline/travel agency about the visa process, as some might also be providing your tourist visa upon buying your ticket online. The visa process might also change without notice, and thus please confirm how to obtain your tourist visa with the relevant Consulate or Embassy.

Your passport must be valid for at least 6 months after your expected departure date from Cuba. You are required to possess appropriate travel health insurance which will cover you throughout the duration of your time abroad and includes medical evacuation. You should also acquire insurance for extreme sports, if you plan to take on activities such as scuba diving.

How to get there

We recommend buying a round trip flight to Havana from your home country. To purchase tickets for the Isle of Youth, search for a round trip flight from Havana (La Habana) to Nueva Gerona for your desired dates.

Cocodrilo Coast

Make sure to consider the timing of your flights in order to ensure you can make your connections. You must be at the domestic terminal three hours before the flight to Nueva Gerona is scheduled to depart. If it is not possible to arrive to Havana from your home country at least 5 hours before the flight to Nueva Gerona, then we recommend you stay in Havana the night before the flight to Nueva Gerona to ensure you can make the connection.

Upon arrival to Nueva Gerona, you will enter the small airport and pick up your bags at the carousel. When you exit the airport, a representative will be waiting for you with a taxi. From the airport, we will take you to the immigration office in Nueva Gerona. There, the representative will pick up the travel permission you need to enter Cocodrilo. After visiting the immigration office, the 2.5-hour journey to Cocodrilo begins.

In case your flight arrives late in Nueva Gerona, you will be taken to the volunteer housing in Nueva Gerona, where you will spend the night. The journey to Cocodrilo will then be the next day.

Health information

Dengue fever does occur in Cuba. To best protect yourself from risk, avoid being bit by mosquitoes by wearing long-sleeves and pants, especially at dawn and dusk. Please contact your GP for any further vaccination advice and recommendations.

Coral Reef Conservation Volunteer Project, Cuba

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