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Coral Reef Conservation Volunteer Project, Cuba

1-4 Weeks from

minimum age

  • Dive daily in the clear blue waters of Cuba
  • Contribute to important coral reef conservation efforts
  • Get immersed in Cuban culture living and working with locals
  • Experience a beautiful island of the Caribbean

Useful Information about Cuba

Sunset Cuba coastAn island nation in the Caribbean Sea, Cuba has Haiti to its east, the Bahamas and Florida to its north, Mexico to its west and Jamaica to its south. Cuba is an archipelago made up of over 4,000 islets and is the largest country in the Caribbean with a population of about 11 million people. Cuba hosts many endemic species and is well known for its strong system of natural protected areas. Cuba’s wildlife and biodiversity is so incredible that it has been nicknamed, on occasion, the ‘Accidental Eden’. It is the most naturally diverse Caribbean island nation with its display of thousands of plants and animals.

The Isle of Youth (Isla de la Juventud) is the largest island of Cuba after Cuba proper. The population is around 100,000 with the largest city and capital being Nueva Gerona in the north. The “Isla de la Juventud” is one of the most colourful places of the Caribbean, with a history related to legends of pirates and privateers. The whole southern part of the island is Punta Frances Marine National park, which has some of the best diving sites in Cuba due to its coral reefs and diverse ocean life.


The festive and hot summer stretches from June to August and brings exceptionally hot days often coupled with high humidity. The temperatures can reach as high as 38℃, though trade winds can temper the heat. December, January and February are the coolest months, although they still bring perfectly mild-to-warm weather. July to October (with highest concentration in September and October) is hurricane season when tropical storm activity is possible across the region. On Isla de la Juventud, the climate is constantly mild with a similar rainy and dry season. Average summer temperatures in July are 28℃ with winter temperatures in February sitting at an average of 17℃.

You can read more about Cuba, its history, culture and sight on our country page here.

Coral Reef Conservation Volunteer Project, Cuba

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