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Wildlife Monitoring & Deep Wilderness Expedition, Sweden

3 Weeks from

minimum age

  • Help to support golden eagle and bear conservation
  • Learn camp and bush-craft in the Swedish wilderness
  • Experience the beautiful natural surroundings and get close to nature
  • Form close bonds with nature and the small group around you

Moose in Sweden

Useful Information About the Area

The area of the mountain range where you will be for the duration of the expedition is some of the most remote areas of the mountains. You will be surrounded by ancient scenery and nature. There are no paths or hiking trails so just getting around can be challenging. It takes about a week to adjust out of our hectic every day surroundings and start to feel at ease with the wilderness.

The weather in this region can shift rapidly. During these three weeks, you will encounter many types of weather conditions. At times the weather will be challenging, and you might have to stay in the camp for some of the time. A deck of cards and a good book usually helps with this. Temperatures can vary from up to 20 degrees Celsius on some occasions, and being just below freezing at night-time. Make sure that you read and bring the items specified on the equipment list. Your comfort and safety depend on it.

Health and Safety


For the duration in the wilderness, there will be a person trained in 1st Aid and wilderness response to help you in an eventual emergency. Your guide is a certified 1st Aid instructor and they will instruct you in 1st Aid at the start of the expedition. Participants will receive a 1st Aid certificate during this expedition.

There will always be a medic kit close at hand. You will also be instructed in the procedure with helicopter evacuation. The coordinates of the camp or where you are in the wild during the days will also be written down and kept on hand or easy to find either on a map or through a digital device. It is highly unlikely that you will need to use these skills during the expedition but the team are prepared for all situations.

Scanning for bears

Health & fitness

Participants should note that the team do things in a calm way. This expedition is not supposed to be a marathon. You are trying to hook up to nature’s clock, to take in the splendour and learn rather than just run through it. That being said, there is a need for a certain amount of fitness on this expedition.

Participants should be able to carry backpacks ranging from 15-25 kg. Note that carrying heavy backpacks will be done only between 4-5 days. If you are very fit, you are welcome to carry more of course.

For people with medical issues, we urge you that you consult a medical professional before embarking on this expedition. When you are out on day trips, you walk anywhere between 1-20 kilometres depending on what you find along the way. During these day trips, you will be carrying a normal day pack of around 5 kilos.

Wildlife Monitoring & Deep Wilderness Expedition, Sweden

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