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Dolphin & Whale Research Volunteer Project, Portugal

1 Week+ from

minimum age

  • Help to conserve dolphin & whale populations in the Mediterranean
  • Gain experience in boat and land based marine conservation techniques
  • Enjoy the culture and surroundings of Albufeira with fellow international volunteers
  • Explore the beautiful Algarve coastline of southern Portugal

"I had a great time on the program"

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I had a great time on the program. The people were really nice and the atmosphere was a welcoming one. The work we have done was something that I would like to repeat, because I think it was a interesting and I learned a lot from it.

"It was a great experience - just loved it"

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Volunteering with the Dolphin & Whale Research Project in Portugal was just amazing. I can recommend it to anyone who wants to learn more and get closer to marine mammals – because you really get close you can just hear the whisper. During my time with the project, I saw different species – and even unexpectedly my favourite animal the Orca!

Every day was a new surprise and it was fun to work on Ketos with the team. You get involved in all the field work and that’s very interesting. Also the trips we did with the dolphin watching companies were a great experience. Furthermore I have to tell that team were amazing too. They have a lot of knowledge and I could ask them whatever I wanted. Furthermore they really taking care about the interns and did everything possible to make us happy.

It was a great experience with the Dolphin & Whale Research Project – just loved it… and I think I will come back in 2020 for a little bit longer! 🙂

"It was great to expand my marine knowledge during the project"

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I was mainly involved in recording and entering data about the sea conditions (temperature, depth, wind direction etc.) and taking photos of the dolphins in order to examine their behaviour changes when a drone approaches, as well as for photo identification.

The project had very caring and thoughtful staff, and it was flexible to plan your own schedule at the weekend. It was also great to expand my marine knowledge during the project.

The accommodation was of a high standard, with a large bed, and there was a wide range of food choices.

"It was an experience of a lifetime"

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I was involved in a lot of activities at the project. On the RHIB, I helped to collect data about cetaceans, note down information, take photos that could later be used for photo ID and measuring the visibility of the water. I also went on commercial tourist boats to collect data. Back at the house, I attended lectures about taxonomy, laws, behaviour etc., helped transfer collected data onto a spreadsheet and sorted/used photos for identification.

I would say that the project organised everything really well. My trip was really easy to organise and everything I needed to know was in the information pack I received after subscription.

It was an experience of a lifetime, everyone was so friendly, making the learning environment really positive. It just felt like home away from home, where you could meet people with the same interests as you/who are like-minded. You learn so much that you wouldn’t be able to learn elsewhere

The standard of everything was really high, especially the food. The house was really nice with a lot of communal space where you could relax and get to know other volunteers, as well as your own private space in your bedroom. Loads of different dishes were made and volunteers help to prepare meals, clean up, wash up etc. All food allergies/diet requirements were also kindly accommodated to.

I would most definitely recommend this project to other volunteers.

Dolphin & Whale Research Volunteer Project, Portugal

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