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Dolphin & Whale Volunteer Research Project, Italy

1 - 4 weeks from

minimum age

  • Research the spectacularly large fin and sperm whales in the Mediterranean
  • Live on a 70 ft sailing boat and spend your days out at sea researching cetaceans
  • Work alongside marine biologists who are passionate about whales and dolphins
  • Experience dolphins bow riding and playing with the waves as you cruise by

**Special offer on 27 May to 2 June dates**



The research focuses on the spectacularly large fin whales and the majestic sperm whales as well as Risso’s dolphins, pilot whales, striped and bottlenose dolphins.  Volunteers work alongside marine biologists whilst living on a research vessel which travels across French and Italian waters in search of these magnificent species.



This was an invaluable experience and I not only learned so much about cetaceans and the work that is carried out in order to help the preservation of the conservation of these animals, but I also learned a lot about myself and where I would like to expand my skills as a scientist.
Victoria, UK


Watch this video and learn about the life of a volunteer on board the Pelagos boat researching dolphins and whales in the Ligurian sea in the Mediterranean Sea.



Having the opportunity to research the second largest whale in the world – the fin whale and several other whale species including sperm whale, pilot whale and cuvier’s beaked whale.  High chances of seeing large pods of dolphins jumping and bow riding underneath the boat. Living on board a beautiful research vessel cruising around the Mediterranean whilst researching cetaceans – an opportunity of a lifetime!



The project is conducted within the Ligurian Sea Cetacean Sanctuary, in an area delimited by Cote d’Azur (France), Tuscany, and northern Sardinia (Italy). In this region, particularly rich in nutrients, cetaceans are found in numbers that are higher than in other Mediterranean areas. The base harbour is in Sanremo (Italy), near the French border.

Free Time

Free Time

In your free time and when the boat is moored in San Remo,  you can enjoy the lovely town atmosphere and walk through the old streets and taste some lovely Italian ice cream! You can also make use of the nearby marina facilities and visit the local beaches to swim and relax in your down time.  If you have a day or two spare at the end of your trip, you are also quite close to Monaco and can get there very easily by train for a day trip.

Dolphin & Whale Volunteer Research Project, Italy

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