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Elephant Conservation Volunteer Project, Sri Lanka

1+ Weeks from

minimum age

  • Live in a rural village near a national park of Sri Lanka
  • Observe wild elephants in their natural habitat
  • Assist with important conservation efforts
  • Meet people from around the World

Project Costs 

Volunteer elephant observation

The cost for 1 week is £796, 2 weeks is £935, 3 weeks is £1240 and 4 weeks is £1412. It is then £155 for every extra week after 4 weeks. This covers all your food, water and accommodation at the project, pick up from hotel in Colombo, transport from Colombo to project site, return transport from project site to Kandy, project training and supervision and WorkingAbroad Projects backup and placement support. As an intern, you can join from 3-6 months, and costs start at £2950 for 3 months.

Your airfare to and from Sri Lanka, travel/medical insurance, the first night in Colombo, visa fee and personal expenses are not included within this price. It is mandatory for you to take out travel and medical insurance for the duration of the project. Airport drop-off is not included, which means that you’ll be transferred to a location in Kandy from which you need to arrange your own further transport.

For more details on the costs for staying longer than 4 weeks, or if wanting to join as a family or group, then please contact us.

Payment Terms

To secure your placement on the project, please complete and submit the form with your application payment of £180. If for some reason, your application is not accepted, we will reimburse this payment fully. However, for those who are accepted, you will be required to pay the final balance 2 months before arrival. Once we have confirmed your place, you will receive an information package on the programme, the work you will do, suggested items to bring, how to travel there etc.

How are your funds used? 

Volunteers observing from carThe fees that volunteers/interns pay will cover any expenses related to their stay at the project (accommodation, food, water, transport etc). However, there’s more to conducting research and providing a safe environment for everyone on the project. To conduct fieldwork requires a fair amount of logistical support especially in areas such as our project site, where dangerous wild animals such as elephants, leopards, sloth bears, and buffalo range freely.  Ensuring the safety and security of volunteers and interns is a huge undertaking that is given the highest priority. There is always experienced staff personnel with them even when they are in the field house, the staff are always in the vicinity.  Providing a safe environment to conduct the work means it’s needed to provide 4WD vehicles, the necessary field equipment, as well as a large well-trained field staff to provide a safe volunteer/intern to staff ratio in the field.

The fee volunteers and interns pay gets allocated to cover all the projects and operations costs in the following way:  Accommodation (8%), Food (12%), Transport (18%), Staff costs (14%), Wildlife Conservation contribution (40%) and local community project fund donations (8%).

Project Dates

Please note that the dates below are flexible, and you can join the project starting on any Monday throughout the year. The minimum duration is 1 week, and volunteers should arrive in Colombo at least one day before starting on the project.

Start End Availability
July 20th 2020 August 2nd 2020 Fully Booked
August 3rd 2020 August 16th 2020
August 17th 2020 August 30th 2020
August 31st 2020 September 13th 2020
September 14th 2020 September 27th 2020
September 28th 2020 October 11th 2020
October 12th 2020 October 25th 2020
October 26th 2020 November 8th 2020
November 9th 2020 November 22nd 2020
November 23rd 2020 December 6th 2020
December 7th 2020 December 20th 2020
December 21st 2020 January 3rd 2021
January 4th 2021 January 17th 2021
January 18th 2021 January 31st 2021
February 1st 2021 February 14th 2021
February 15th 2021 February 28th 2021
March 1st 2021 March 14th 2021
March 15th 2021 March 28th 2021
March 29th 2021 April 11th 2021
April 12th 2021 April 25th 2021
April 26th 2021 May 9th 2021
May 10th 2021 May 23rd 2021
May 24th 2021 June 6th 2021
June 7th 2021 June 20th 2021
June 21st 2021 July 4th 2021
July 5th 2021 July 18th 2021
July 19th 2021 August 1st 2021
August 2nd 2021 August 15th 2021
August 16th 2021 August 29th 2021
Elephant Conservation Volunteer Project, Sri Lanka

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