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Elephant Volunteer Project, Laos

2 Days - 1 week from

minimum age

  • Experience elephants in an ethical way, observing them in their natural setting
  • Learn about Asian elephants and the issues surrounding their conservation
  • Meet and volunteer alongside a team of people from around the world
  • Live in a stunning untouched forest location, on the shores of a majestic lake

"The staff are all passionate and dedicated in their execution of having free and happy elephants "

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It takes only one person to stand up and say he/she will make a difference and then it takes many people to make that dream come true. The elephant sanctuary is another example of dreams, visions, and action. The staff are all passionate and dedicated in their execution of having free and happy elephants who can be real elephants after years being chained up. The ultimate goal being an increase in wild elephants in a well protected environment. The centre is simple in its accommodation and facilities (very clean!) but is filled with warmth and friendliness of the people who host you. The food is tasty and very fresh. It is a place where you learn to ‘be’ rather than to ‘do’.

In our fast paced lives we rarely give ourselves the opportunity to just sit, observe, experience nature’s gifts. And in doing so we contribute to an inspiring project. All the people working there are knowledgeable and share this with the guests. Once you know that elephants are almost always overworked, overloaded and underfed due to the very long hours in the tourism industry, I am sure you will choose to stay here and ‘feel’ the giants instead of ‘riding’ them. I wish the Centre all the good luck and success. It has healed my soul staying with you. Thank you all.

Elephant Volunteer Project, Laos

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