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The Great African Seaforest Marine Volunteer Programme, South Africa

1-12 Weeks from

minimum age

  • Get hands-on marine conservation research experience
  • Help to conserve and protect South Africa's beautiful False Bay
  • Work alongside a team of international marine biologists and conservationists
  • Explore an incredible and unique ecosystem; home to the Great African Seaforest

Project Costs

The cost to join the Volunteer Programme starts at 1 week for £795, 2 weeks is £1,395, 3 weeks is £1,695, 4 weeks is £2195.  For longer durations, please ask.

The Marine Science field course is £1795 for 2 weeks, with an extra £800 for each additional week (2,3 and 4-week options only are available).

What’s included:Dive buddies, False Bay

  • Accommodation,
  • Wi-Fi,
  • Marine biologist supervision and training,
  • Transport for programme-related travel,
  • Snorkel trips and equipment,
  • Paddleboard trips,
  • Guided hikes,
  • Welcome and farewell Braais (BBQ),
  • WorkingAbroad backup and support

What’s not included:

  • Food,
  • Laundry services,
  • Travel to and from South Africa,
  • Airport transfer by project staff (£20 each way)
  • Insurance costs.

It is mandatory for you to take out medical/accident insurance for the duration of your time on the programme.

Payment Terms

Penguin, False Bay

To secure your placement on the project, you will need to complete and submit the application form with your application payment of £195 (included in the total project costs listed above). If for some reason your application is not accepted, we will reimburse this payment fully. However, for those who are accepted, 20% of the balance amount needs to be paid within 7 days of being confirmed on the project,  with the remainder (80%) to be paid 2 months before your arrival at the project.

Once we have confirmed your place, you will receive an information package on the project background, your role as a volunteer, the work you will do, suggested items to bring, how to travel there and so on.

Project Dates

You can join this project for 2 to 12 weeks.

The volunteer project generally begins from the first Monday of each month as a general guideline, however, we can accommodate if you want to start/leave on another date.

Please note that this project does not run from mid-November to mid-January.

May 29th 2023 June 12th 2023
June 12th 2023 June 26th 2023
June 26th 2023 July 10th 2023
July 10th 2023 July 24th 2023
July 24th 2023 August 7th 2023
July 31st 2023 August 25th 2023 Field Course
August 7th 2023 August 21st 2023
August 21st 2023 September 4th 2023
September 4th 2023 September 18th 2023
September 4th 2023 September 29th 2023 Field Course
September 18th 2023 October 2nd 2023
October 2nd 2023 October 16th 2023
October 2nd 2023 October 27th 2023 Field Course
October 16th 2023 October 30th 2023
October 30th 2023 November 13th 2023
November 13th 2023 November 27th 2023
January 8th 2024 February 2nd 2024 Field Course
The Great African Seaforest Marine Volunteer Programme, South Africa

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