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Limpopo Lipadi Game Reserve Volunteer Programme, Botswana

2 - 12 weeks from

minimum age

  • An opportunity to see the iconic African Wild Dogs
  • Encounter lions and leopards whilst working in a stunning game reserve
  • Live and work in one of the most beautiful wilderness locations in the world set on the banks of the Limpopo River

Impala group on the road in Botswana

About the Limpopo Lipadi Project

Set on the banks of the famous, beautiful Limpopo River, and one of the most beautiful wilderness locations in the world, Limpopo-Lipadi Game Reserve is easily accessible and remote at the same time. Botswana has a strong conservation imperative, and is working to improve the livelihood of the peoples who live alongside the wildlife. You can play a part in that journey….

Limpopo Lipadi is 20,500 hectares in size and contains 40 different mammal species and 372 birds with only 10 volunteers at a time making it a meaningful small group experience.

Wildlife at the Limpopo Lipadi Reserve

13 African Lions
The game reserve has thirteen resident lions.

Spotted hyena in Botswana

35 African Elephants
With a breeding herd and several bull elephants on the reserve, Limpopo Lipadi is able to better preserve the natural eco-system.

5 African Wild Dogs
The game reserve is home to a pack of the incredibly endangered African Wild Dogs.

20+ Leopards
With more than 20 identified individual leopards, volunteers will have the chance to spot them whilst doing game reserve duties.

Leopard full body profile

** IMPORTANT ** – There are many unscrupulous ‘volunteer’ experiences in Africa, usually allowing touching of orphaned animals, which seem like great experiences, but contribute little to conservation and can be ethically and morally dubious. Our animals are wild, and we like them that way.

Volunteer Activities at the Limpopo Lipadi Game Reserve

Volunteers can expect to see plenty of game whilst out and about on the work drives.  You may be lucky enough to be involved in collaring a leopard or tracking a wild dog, but we don’t list these opportunities below, as they are only on an ad-hoc basis and according to the wildlife situations that can arise at any given moment.

Listed below are some of the activities that you may take part in as a volunteer.

Volunteer Projects

  • Day trip to collect vegetation data on trees and grasses, with emphasis on bush encroachment management techniques.
  • Fieldwork on the construction of burms to slow erosion.
  • Weed control (seasonal :queen of the night, prickly pear, thorn apple, water hyacinth, grass by electric fences).
  • Inspection of beehives and other measures to protect infrastructure from elephants.
  • Repair of infrastructures such as game fences and waterholes.
  • Removal of fence posts, wire and farm ruins and repair of damaged roads.

Community Volunteer Projects

  • Lecture on Community conservation and poaching, identifying weeds
  • Village cultural and school visit – Tsetsebjwe or Mathathane. Education programme.

View of landscape at LimpopoDay to Day Schedule
Volunteers can expect to work 7 days a week from 07:30am –05:00pm, or upon the demand of the reserve with a break from 12:30am to 14:30pm. Activities are planned for the weekend, but tend to be of a less arduous nature, including lectures, visits to the local village, and game drives for general observation of wildlife. You will be allocated assignments/jobs to do during the time period that you are here. The most arduous tasks will be similar to about four hours of gardening per day. The work can range from observing rare and endangered species, farm to wild rehabilitation, noxious weed control, collecting data for scientific projects, community work, manual labour and maintenance work. At the end of your stay, we would request that you submit a written report outlining the work done whilst here as well as a short one-page letter outlining your volunteer/student experience with Limpopo-Lipadi. This is to help us make the programme better and to ensure that both students/volunteers and Limpopo-Lipadi benefit the most from your time in the Reserve.

Limpopo Lipadi Game Reserve Volunteer Programme, Botswana

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