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Limpopo Lipadi Game Reserve Volunteer Programme, Botswana

2 - 12 weeks from

minimum age

  • An opportunity to see the iconic African Wild Dogs
  • Encounter lions and leopards whilst working in a stunning game reserve
  • Live and work in one of the most beautiful wilderness locations in the world set on the banks of the Limpopo River

"There was a great balance of manual work and animal observation"

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I cannot rate the experience highly enough. It was everything I had hoped for and more. There was a great balance of manual work and animal observation and every day felt like a game drive on safari going to and from the locations where work was required. The food was delicious and everyone was so lovely at the reserve. Thank you so much for organising this experience for me.

"I absolutely loved my time volunteering"

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Limpopo-Lipadi was my third voluntary project working in African game reserves/National Parks and I went there really hoping it would be 3rd time lucky for seeing a leopard as I had never seen one before. One morning our guide found a very fresh track of a leopard dragging an impala. We followed it through the bush and all that time I could hardly contain my excitement and was thinking we were going to see a leopard at any moment. But when we got to the end of the track we found the dead impala at the bottom of a tree but the leopard had gone. Honestly, I was so gutted I could have cried!

However, later on that day we were in a different area of the reserve and guess what our guide spotted?! A leopard laying on a branch in the sunshine! He looked right at us for a brief moment and then went straight back to relaxing, with his legs dangling each side of the branch. A perfect end to the day.

I absolutely loved my time volunteering at the project and would highly recommend it to any animal lovers or people interested in research and conservation.

"I really felt like I did make a difference"

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I really enjoyed my stay at the Limpopo-Lipadi Game Reserve project in Botswana because it exceeded all my expectations. The accommodation and the food were very nice to start with. I also liked all the work we did because we really did work that mattered and that was appreciated. I really felt like I did make a difference which is the most important thing for me. It isn’t a program where go and pet some wild animals, it is a program where you can make an impact in conservation. Which is how I think volunteer programs should work but more often than not do not work.

"People couldn’t have been more welcoming"

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I had an absolutely great time in Limpopo! Everyone were very nice and showed concern about my well-being! I got great help with my work at the same time as I was free to do what I needed. People couldn’t have been more welcoming and specially Gabri and Kevin helped me a lot with everything. I’m afraid I don’t have much of constructive critic to give because everything was better than I expected. South Africa and Botswana are deifinitely countries I will return to!

"Each work drive is an adventure in itself"

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I really enjoyed being involved in the every day life of the reserve : monitoring the boreholes; reinforcing and repairing the fence; gardening as pulling out non-autochthon plants as thorn-apple or cleaning and designing the rock garden near the office for example etc.

We were involved in different projects like creation of a rock line in front of the fence to protect the tortoises (for them not get stuck); Wild Dog tracking with the antenna to help the vet to know more about their behaviour; Elephant deterrent tests (to keep them away from foods and infrastructures) with camera monitoring + analyse of the pictures.

Each work drive is an adventure in itself, you can see unexpected things like a giraffe lying down on the road, wild dogs walking in front of your car, a horde of zebras crossing the road, and much more if you’re lucky! We also went to the village located 15 minutes drive away from the reserve to visit the school, to buy eggs and Mopane warms and make our hair braids, a funny moment!

The house is clean and comfortable, it’s nice to share it with the driver and the cooker (who cooks very very well!). At the hottest hours of the day it was nice to stay at home to work on the pictures analyse, on the house inventory, on documents translation in French etc.

What an amazing experience in Limpopo Lipadi!

"A remarkable experience and memories I will keep with me forever!"

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A remarkable experience and memories I will keep with me forever! Limpopo Lipadi is a beautiful reserve and we were spoiled to see lions, leopards, eland, cheetah, elephants, antelope and of course the famous wild (painted) dogs during my stay. We performed our conservation duties daily amongst wildebeest, abundant bird life and even a lazy rhino! It was a privilege to be so welcomed by the lovely staff. Daily life always carried a surprise and the other volunteers I stayed with are stuck with my friendship for life.

"Incredible game sightings, tracking animals, watching the sunset"

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I absolutely loved my time at Limpopo-Lipadi. It is extremely difficult to put it into words how amazing it was to experience the African bush each day and how lovely the local people were. I can honestly say that I will never forget my time there, from the things I got to experience, the people I met and got to work with and importantly the lessons I learned. I still can’t believe some activities I was fortunate to be a part of and experience from the community visits, the incredible game sightings, tracking animals, watching the sunset numerous times behind a magnificent baobab and listening to hyenas whoop and lions roar while I tried to fall asleep. Truly unforgettable. Limpopo-Lipadi is such special place in the African bush, once in a life-time experience which I wish I could do again.

Limpopo Lipadi Game Reserve Volunteer Programme, Botswana

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