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Maldives Island Volunteer Project

1-12 Weeks from

18yrs+ individual - for families no
minimum age

  • Contribute to sea turtle conservation and rehabilitation
  • Work as a student vet one to one with the wildlife vet
  • Gain medical experience working in a local hospital
  • Participate in snorkelling and diving excursions to nearby islands in free time
  • Exceptional family sea turtle volunteering opportunities available

Food, Lodging, and Travel

Maldives volunteer houseVolunteers on this project stay together in our shared volunteer guest house. The guest house comes with a living room with comfortable furniture, washing machine with a drying rack, a large bookshelf and a fridge. All rooms in the house come equipped with aircon, fans and wi-fi internet. The standard room is a two to three person shared (single sex) room with its own Western-style bathroom.  If you want to have your own private room or if you are a couple/family, this can be arranged for an extra fee – please email us for more details.

We provide 3 meals per day for all volunteers. If you wish, you can also eat out at a local restaurant from time to time, but this will be an extra cost.

Island Amenities

There are many small stores on the island selling basic goods, for volunteers who wish to do some shopping. The main street of the island also has a number of clothes shops and tailors, and there are several cafés and restaurants, mainly serving south Asian cuisine. Transportation in Naifaru is usually done by foot or bike, as the island can be traversed in 10 minutes. There is a branch of the Bank of Maldives on the island, equipped with an ATM, as well as a post office branch. The Island has one hospital, which is is a short walk from the volunteer house, and also includes a pharmacy.

Volunteer Requirements

Fish swimming in Coral MaldivesVolunteers should be aged 18+, physically fit, speak English, and have a strong motivation to volunteer and experience a new culture. Volunteers coming for less than 30 days on the marine conservation programme can join with a regular tourist visa obtained on arrival at the airport. However due to government restrictions, all volunteers wanting to join the Medical projects, or coming for a stay of over 30 days should have completed a University Degree or equivalent qualification as we will need to obtain a business visa for you in advance of your arrival. Volunteers should be self-motivated, adaptable and flexible and willing to live and work in a tropical environment. Tetanus, Diptheria and Hepatitis A & B vaccinations are recommended.

Please note that the Maldives is an Islamic society. This culture plays a big role for volunteers on Naifaru island, and there are certain courtesies volunteers must observe. Women must cover their arms and knees when in public (though not required in the accommodation). However, you are not expected to wear a scarf and there are several excursions away from the island where volunteers can use normal swimwear. There is no access to alcohol or pork. Alcohol is prohibited in the Maldives and is only available at the resorts. For Marine projects, volunteers are encouraged to bring their own snorkelling equipment (mask, snorkel and fins), and some previous experience of marine projects or snorkelling is beneficial.

Visa information

Business visas are required for all volunteers staying longer than 30 days, but medical placements (which are minimum 4 weeks anyway) also require a business visa to allow the volunteer to work at the hospital.

We do not require a colour scan of passport or police check for volunteers who are coming on a tourist visa, but business visas do require the following:

  • A colour scan of passport
  • A colour passport size photo that meets the requirements here
  • A copy of bachelor’s degree OR written letter from University and proof of enrolment

The business visa does not require a police check, but we do require this for the medical placement programme so that volunteers can work in the hospital.

Flights and Travel

Clown fish in coral in MaldivesVolunteers should aim to fly into Malé, the capital of the Maldives to arrive in the morning of your project start date.  We recommend you plan your departing flight on the evening of your last project date.  This will enable you to fly in and out on the domestic flight same day (included in the programme fee).

If required (I.E. if you are staying for over 30 days or coming as a medical volunteer), a business visa will be organised on your behalf prior to your arrival, once your place on the programme has been confirmed, and the cost of doing this is included in the project fee.

Maldives Island Volunteer Project

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