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Nature’s Valley Internship Programme, South Africa

8 to 12 weeks from

minimum age

  • Gain experience in a wide range of skills whilst getting an insight into life as a conservationist in Africa
  • Work alongside scientists and learn to ring birds
  • Take part in a grass roots project that brings real change to communities
  • Opportunities available for University students to carry out specific research projects

Volunteer about to release hawk in South AfricaBackground of the Project

This Project was founded in 2000, when a group of local families launched a community initiative with the goal of engaging stakeholders and proactively maintaining the environmental integrity of Nature’s Valley. Nature’s Valley lies on one of the most sought after stretches of South Africa’s coastline and development in the area is occurring at an unprecedented rate. The community has the potential to play a role in ensuring that this development is appropriate and sustainable.

The mission of Nature’s Valley Trust is; “To maintain the long term environmental integrity of Nature’s Valley and surrounds by becoming proactively involved in issues that impact on the future of the area”

Nature’s Valley Internship Programme, South Africa

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