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Playa Tortuga Conservation Volunteer Project, Costa Rica

1 week to 6 months from

minimum age

  • Live in a tropical rainforest reserve on the Pacific coast of Costa Rica
  • Hands on work researching caimans and crocodiles
  • Take part in sea turtle research and patrols
  • Get involved in tree boa, monkey and mammal surveys

Volunteers measuring turtle

Project Costs

The cost for 1 week is £445, 10 days is £555, 2 weeks cost is £695, 3 weeks is £945, 4 weeks is £1195, 5 weeks is £1445, 6 weeks is £1695, 7 weeks is £1945,  8 weeks is £2195, 9 weeks is £2445, 10 weeks is £2695, 11 weeks is £2945 and 12 weeks is £3195.  This cost includes private, clean and spacious room, three meals a day (volunteers and staff cook together), non-alcoholic beverages and snacks, equipment (for patrols), guide during the volunteering, back up and support.  We can also offer discounts for 1-6 month internships (you must be a student doing a University research project to qualify for this).

Airfare and transportation to the project, lodging in San Jose, travel/medical insurance and personal expenses are not included in the cost. It is mandatory for you to take out travel and medical insurance for the duration of the project.

Tree frog Playa TortugaPayment Terms

To secure your placement on the project, you will need to complete and submit the application form with your application payment of £195 (included in the total project costs listed above). If for some reason your application is not accepted, we will reimburse this payment fully. For those accepted, full payment must be made 1 month prior to arrival. Once you have been accepted on the programme, we will send you a confirmation email including an information pack full of information and facts to ensure you are fully prepared for your visit.Dragonfly in Costa Rica

Project Dates

You can join for 1 week up to 12 weeks on any of the dates below and we also offer 6 month internships. Please email us for any questions with regards to dates, durations, costs etc. – as we are very flexible with start/end dates if you wanted to arrive outside of the dates listed. Individuals, groups, researchers and families all welcome.  Any questions, please email: Victoria.McNeil@workingabroad.com

August 17th 2022 August 31st 2022
September 5th 2022 September 19th 2022 Fully Booked
September 22nd 2022 October 29th 2022
October 1st 2022 October 15th 2022
October 11th 2022 October 25th 2022
October 18th 2022 November 1st 2022
October 31st 2022 November 14th 2022
November 14th 2022 November 28th 2022
November 19th 2022 November 26th 2022
November 28th 2022 December 12th 2022
December 5th 2022 December 19th 2022
December 10th 2022 December 24th 2022
December 27th 2022 January 10th 2023
January 9th 2023 January 23rd 2023
January 23rd 2023 February 6th 2023
February 6th 2023 February 20th 2023
February 20th 2023 March 6th 2023
March 6th 2023 March 20th 2023
March 20th 2023 April 3rd 2023
April 3rd 2023 April 17th 2023
April 17th 2023 May 1st 2023
May 1st 2023 May 15th 2023
May 15th 2023 May 29th 2023
May 29th 2023 June 12th 2023
June 12th 2023 June 26th 2023
June 26th 2023 July 10th 2023
July 10th 2023 July 24th 2023
July 24th 2023 August 7th 2023
August 8th 2023 August 17th 2023 Fully Booked
August 18th 2023 September 1st 2023
September 1st 2023 September 15th 2023
Playa Tortuga Conservation Volunteer Project, Costa Rica

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