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Reforestation Volunteer Project, Iceland

2 weeks from

18 - 35 yrs
minimum age

  • This project can give you an opportunity to make an environmental difference
  • Help to plant trees that will bind the carbon in the atmosphere
  • Live and work in the stunning southern part of Iceland in the Golden Circle
  • Take part in ecological restoration in Iceland

Volunteer bedroom in Iceland

Food, Lodging & Travel

The volunteer camp is situated in Úlfljótsvatn. Participants should be aware that the camp is located in the countryside and not in a city. It is to the south of the national park of Þingvellir and in the area of the so-called “Golden circle” of Iceland (including geysers, waterfalls and beautiful nature areas). The IFA owns land in Úlfljótsvatn with buildings used for work and housing. The volunteers will have a fully equipped house with single or group sleeping rooms. The house has all the comforts of a modern house, (e.g. dishwasher, washing machine, dryer) and is located in a very beautiful countryside area. Internet connection will be provided.

Very close to the house is located a scout camp area and camping area. In this area there is always a lot of activities. IFA and the neighbour camp managers work in cooperation, therefore the volunteers have the opportunity to enjoy the leisure facilities of the camp (fishing, sailing on the lake, outdoor sport fields…).

Volunteers kitchen in IcelandIt takes only 20 minutes to drive to the town of Selfoss where all services are provided. During camp, volunteers will drive there with the supervisor to buy food. Volunteers will cook together in a group for themselves. In the farmhouse there is a kitchen with a stove oven, and two fridges.

The meeting point for the commencement of the programme is on the Monday of your start date at 10:00 in BSÍ (https://www.bsi.is) bus terminal in Reykjavík. The project supervisor will pick you up there and drive you to Úlfljótsvatn, and back at the end of your 2 weeks.

Type of volunteers needed
Participants should first of all be interested in nature and physical outdoor work. This project is open to people of all nationalities and backgrounds, however there is no adapted frame for physically and mentally disabled people. Once training is completed participants need to be able to work and live on their own in a responsible manner. The main point is the maturity of the participants (not age) and their physical ability to carry out demanding tasks outdoors. Participants need to be able to communicate well in English since it is the working language.  Volunteers should be between 18 to 35 years old, fit, healthy and capable of carrying out work in all conditions in a cold and wet climate.  No specific skills are needed but strong self-motivation is key.

Volunteers at work planting treesEquipment
All volunteers should consider that Icelandic weather can be demanding and should bring with them appropriate outdoor clothing. Good shoes, wind blocking overgarments and insulating (not cotton) inner clothing. The project manager will provide the volunteers with heavy duty waterproof pants and jacket, working gloves, and all the tools needed for work.  All accommodation needs are already in Úlfljótsvatn, so no need to bring duvets/pillows etc.

Free Time
In the surrounding area there are options to hike and trek to the small mountain “Búrfell” which you can see out side the kitchen window. In Úlfljótsvatn there is also a scout camp, and the volunteers have the option to use their facilities. These include a folf course (Frisbee golf), football field/goals, outdoor grilling facilities etc. In the storage room is also a ping pong table thats usually very popular.  In addition, Þingvellir National Park is just next door, and then Geysir and Gullfoss (Golden falls) are about an hour away by car.

Volunteer group in Iceland by volcanic lakeHealth, weather
The gulf stream and the south-westerly winds from the Atlantic give Iceland a mild temperature. However, the unfortunate side is that this warm air creates condensation which often results in rain. So volunteers should be prepared for rainy conditions, with occasional sunny spells. Temperatures in the summer average about 12 degrees celsius.

Healthcare service and pharmacies can be located in Selfoss, 20 min drive from Úlfljótsvatn. Durning work, there is always a emergency kit in the cars, but volunteers are required to bring with them any medication they will need during the project length.

Reforestation Volunteer Project, Iceland

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