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Iceland Reforestation Volunteer Project

2 weeks from

18 - 60 yrs
minimum age

  • This project can give you an opportunity to make an environmental difference
  • Help to plant trees that will bind the carbon in the atmosphere
  • Live and work in a 3200 hectare nature reserve near Reykjavík
  • Take part in ecological restoration in Iceland

"The trip is one of the most rewarding and reflective trips I've been on"

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I was working with the volunteer 2-week program and found it an exceptional experience.

The work is highly rewarding knowing the impact you are having and the mentored are ready to add to that knowledge so you know exactly what good you’re doing to the Icelandic environment and global impact.

While working a relatively relaxed 9-5 on the weekdays, the afternoon and weekends are a perfect time to explore Reykjavik or the surrounding are, or relax and recover surrounded by outstanding Icelandic scenery.

The friends I have made while staying there, I hope, while last after the work has ended as I have to say that the working, eating and car drives together had to be the greatest part of the whole trip.

The trip is one of the most rewarding and reflective trips I’ve been on and I cannot wait for an opportunity to go again.

I didn't want to leave!

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“I loved the project. It was really challenging physically but I made some great friends (who I’m still in touch with), got to see and do loads of cool things. I didn’t want to leave! “

"I enjoyed the work and exploring as well as meeting good people"

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I had a great time! I enjoyed the work and exploring as well as meeting good people.
I’m glad I came on this trip and would love to invest in another one in the near future.
Thanks for everything!

"I had a great time!"

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I had a great time! The Covid situation didn’t make any difference to our experience and it was such fun.

"It was really great experience for me"

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My experience with volunteering in Iceland is quite positive. I learned lot of new information, met new people and had chance to see bit if Iceland. In my view the project was quite well organized. And last (but not least) – I feel I did something useful and important. It was really great experience for me.

Iceland Reforestation Volunteer Project

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