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Sea Search Whale & Dolphin Research Programme, South Africa

1 to 4 months from

minimum age

  • Research and record data on Killer & Humpback Whales in Cape Town
  • Work alongside PhD scientists to collect and analyse data on cetaceans
  • Internship and research opportunities for University students available
  • Other species researched include killer whales, dwarf sperm whales and humpback dolphins!

Whale research in South Africa with volunteers

Project Costs

The cost to join the Volunteer Programme is £695 for 1 month, £1195 for 2 months, and £1695 for 3 months and £500 for every month thereafter. Cost includes supervision, scientific training and ad hoc field research trips in Cape Town, South Africa.  What is not included is your lodging, food,  travel and insurance costs.  It is mandatory for you to take out a medical/accident insurance for the duration of your time on the programme.

The cost to join the Research Internship is £1390 for 1 month and £2585 for 2 months. Cost includes accommodation, supervision, scientific training and regular field research trips in Cape Town and St Helena Bay, South Africa.  What is not included is your food,  travel and insurance costs.  It is mandatory for you to take out a medical/accident insurance for the duration of your time on the programme.

Payment Terms

To secure your placement on the project, you will need to complete and submit the application form with your application payment of £195 (included in the total project costs listed above). If for some reason, your application is not accepted, we will reimburse this payment fully. However, for those who are accepted, you will need to pay 25% of the balance within 10 days of being accepted on the programme, with the remaining 75% of the balance to be paid one month before arrival. Once we have confirmed your place, you will receive a pre-departure package with all detailed information on the project, details on the work, suggested items to bring etc.

Project Dates

The dates listed below are there as a guideline, but we are very flexible with start and end dates.  We require a minimum commitment of 2 months.  Please email us at victoria.mcneil@workingabroad.com if you have any questions about dates, or if you want to do a specific research project.

Start End Availability
November 23rd 2020 December 18th 2020 Research Internship with Humpback Whales
January 1st 2021 March 1st 2021
February 1st 2021 April 1st 2021
April 1st 2021 May 31st 2021 Research Internship with Killer Whales
Sea Search Whale & Dolphin Research Programme, South Africa

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