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Whale and Dolphin Conservation Volunteer Project, Hebrides

1-2 Weeks from

minimum age

  • Live and work aboard a research yacht with fellow volunteers
  • Explore the scenic beauty of the Scottish Hebrides
  • Gain experience in marine conservation and cetacean monitoring techniques
  • Observe a range of cetacean species and birds along the coast

Useful Information About Scotland

Below is an interactive map showing the location of the project

About the Hebrides

Guillemots and shag on the nest in ScotlandThe Hebrides includes some 550 islands distributed over approximately 40,000 square kilometres, encompassing all inshore waters found off the west coast of Scotland.  There are a wide range of marine habitats of international importance: rocky reefs, cold water corals, turbulent tidal streams and deep-water channels.  Complex oceanography is a result of interactions between the Atlantic Ocean and the Celtic and North Seas, coupled with complex undersea topography – the result is an area rich in biodiversity.  The area was classed by the EU as “On land, the coastal landscape is magnificent, featuring sea cliffs and stacks, wonderful white sandy beaches, moorlands, mountain ranges, sea lochs, salt marshes and machair (a rare coastal environment exclusive to the north and west of Scotland and Ireland).”

During the volunteer expedition, the route travelled will be dependent on weather conditions and also areas where survey effort is lacking.  Each evening we will anchor in a different location, usually off one of the many remote islands in the area.  Opportunities for shore leave and exploration will be available each evening once the survey work is complete.   Each of the Hebridean islands has its own unique character and is steeped in Highland history, tradition and culture.  What is most evident within the Hebrides is the dramatic variation in the Scottish landscape; the west coast of Scotland indisputably possesses truly spectacular scenery, the last true wilderness in the UK.

Whale and Dolphin Conservation Volunteer Project, Hebrides

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