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White Wilderness – Carpathian Wolf Tracking Volunteer Project, Slovakia

1 Week+ from

minimum age

  • Help to conserve wolf and lynx populations in the beautiful Tatra mountains of Slovakia
  • Gain experience in wolf and lynx tracking and monitoring techniques
  • Work alongside a team of scientific researchers and international volunteers
  • Experience the pristine winter wilderness of the Carpathian mountains

Useful Information About Slovakia

Below is a video showcasing the conservation volunteer activities and wilderness environment of the project

General information on Tatra National Park

The National Park of Tatras (TANAP) in the north of Slovakia, was founded in 1949. It covers the high-mountain area of the Tatras and it is the unique protected area of flora and fauna among the tallest European high mountains situated east of the Alps. The TANAP contains mountain and high-mountain plants such as dwarf pine, pine woods and a wonderful flora. Rare animal species such as the eagle, bear, or marmot live there as well. The chamois is the symbol of Tatras. It is one of the most precious species, as it developed in isolation since the glacial age.

White Wilderness – Carpathian Wolf Tracking Volunteer Project, Slovakia

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