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Wildlife Rescue & Rehab Volunteer Project, Canada

4 weeks-3 Months from

minimum age

  • Get hands-on experience working with rescued wildlife, including moose, bears, raccoons and otters
  • Help to conserve and protect native mammal species
  • Be part of the journey of an orphaned animal – from eyes closed to being released back into the wild
  • Explore an incredible and unique ecosystems in Ontario

About the Wildlife Rescue and Rehabilitation Volunteer Programme

This sanctuary began its story in the early 1970s. It started as the passion of one woman – Audrey Tournay – a high school teacher from Parry Sound, Ontario. Audrey was well known for her love of animals. Since taking in her first orphaned raccoon, Audrey nursed many more animals back to health, as they were brought to her doorstep in increasing numbers over the years.

baby moose rehabToday, her legacy has been expanded on by a dedicated group of staff and volunteers.  Located on 460 acres of natural habitat in Rosseau, Ontario, the sanctuary’s primary goal is to rehabilitate injured and orphaned wildlife. Once rehabilitated, animals are released back into the wild for a second chance. Each year, the sanctuary takes in over 1,000 animals (across 103 different species) – many orphaned and in need of around-the-clock care and feeding. The sanctuary is also home to more than 30 permanent wildlife residents, whose stories are shared during guided tours. Additionally, the project’s mission is to educate the public about co-existing with wildlife and provide humane solutions for wildlife-related issues.

Spring and summer are the project’s busiest times when animals come out of hibernation and babies are born. Dozens of young animals may arrive daily, including raccoon kits, squirrel kits, fox kits, coyote pups, and beaver kits, to name a few. Like human infants, these animals require regular feeding and cleaning around the clock.

The reasons to consider this volunteer opportunity are many. Simply put, the journey with an orphaned animal – from eyes closed to being released back into the wild – is a powerful thing. The world that is opened up for these animals increases throughout their rehabilitation period – from the incubator, to an indoor enclosure, and on to outdoor pre-release enclosures.

Add in the friendships formed through long hours, life lessons, and sorrow turned to joy – these are just some of the many great perks!

squirrel babiesFull-Time Volunteer Responsibilities:

  • Complete animal intakes, and document information.
  • Feed all animals, from infants to adults.
  • Maintain the health and feeding records of rehabilitating animals.
  • Clean and disinfect cages, bowls, and buckets.
  • Clean indoor and outdoor enclosures and provide enrichment
  • Prepare for transport and be part of releasing animals into the wild.
  • Keep volunteer common rooms clean and tidy.
  • Complete other duties, as assigned from time to time.


Wildlife Rescue & Rehab Volunteer Project, Canada