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Wildlife Rescue Volunteer Project, Indonesia

2-12 Weeks from

minimum age

  • Live in a beautiful location of Indonesia surrounded by nature
  • Get first-hand work experience with rescued tropical wildlife
  • Learn about wildlife rescue efforts in the region
  • Get immersed in Indonesian culture and meet people from around the World

Food, Lodging & Travel

There are two dorms only for volunteers (one male and one female) with 8-10 beds per room. Each dormitory has a balcony and beds are separated in personal spaces with lockable cabinets. There is currently no air-condition in the rooms, but different types of fans. All the bunk beds have mosquito nets and storage space and bed linen will be provided for all volunteers.

There is a large communal living space with a sofa, dining tables and chairs with plenty of books in many languages as well as board games. There is wi-fi but limited bandwidth and the staff have priority. Volunteers assist with domestic/cleaning duties in the communal living areas on a rotational basis.

Volunteers get three plant based meals a day, prepared and cooked by the local Indonesian staff, and there is always access to fresh fruit, drinking water, tea and coffee. For environmentally sustainable and animal welfare ethical reasons, the project serves food free from any animal products/derivates. There may be fish or eggs on request, sustainably harvested locally.

Weekly trips to supermarkets in neighbour towns are regularly organised for volunteers, who wish to buy any extra food/items. However, you will not be allowed to bring any red meat to the house. If you find yourself missing a carnivorous diet, there are plenty of nearby restaurants that sell a range of other meat and fish dishes.

How to get there

Volunteers preparing bird enrichmentManado (MDC) airport is the nearest airport to the Wildlife Rescue centre in North Sulawesi. If you arrive in Manado after 6pm you will need to book a hotel for the night, and you will then be picked up the next day at your hotel. If you decide to stay at a hotel further away than the airport, like in the city centre, there might be an extra fee. Pick-up from the airport after 6pm can be arranged, but only in unavoidable situations such as delayed flights etc.

Visa for Indonesia

As a volunteer, you would need to get a Social / Cultural visa to do voluntary work in Indonesia. The initial Social / Cultural Visa is valid for 60 days, and can be extended with 30 days at a time, up to a maximum of 180 days. You will have to include an invitation and sponsor letter in order to apply for a Social / Cultural Visa, which you will be able to request from our local project partner in Indonesia, if you are accepted on the project. Please allow at least 30 days for the visa process to be fully handled, and take contact to your local consulate/embassy for updated information related to your nationality. It is for the individual volunteer to make sure to check that they are eligible before applying, and that they follow the instructions provided. Not doing this might prevent you from gaining the visa successfully.

Health Information

As a volunteer, you are required to have certain vaccinations up-to-date. These include Tetanus (usually combined as DTP) and Hepatitis A & B. These are required to keep volunteers and animals safe and healthy.

An up-to-date immunisation for Typhoid is recommended. A Rabies pre-exposure vaccination is not needed for your stay. Rabies is not present in the animals on site, but you may want to consider it if you are travelling in South-East Asia before/after your stay. Although the rescue centre is not in a malaria area, and there have not been any records of Japanese Encephalitis in the region, it is recommended that you take preventive measures against mosquito bites.  It is always recommended to also check with your own GP for any updated recommendations.

Wildlife Rescue Volunteer Project, Indonesia

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