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Wildlife Rescue Volunteer Project, Indonesia

2-12 Weeks from

minimum age

  • Live in a beautiful location of Indonesia surrounded by nature
  • Get first-hand work experience with rescued tropical wildlife
  • Learn about wildlife rescue efforts in the region
  • Get immersed in Indonesian culture and meet people from around the World

"I learned a lot of things"

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I used to travel every year because I like discovering new countries, new people, new customs, but these last years, I realized that tourism could have a bad influence in some countries by changing the way of living people because of the money even if you’re careful. I saw sometimes animals used as attraction for the tourists: lamas in Bolivia, monkeys in Bali, elephants in India etc. and it’s because of the tourists and the money they give to see and touch animals. Some of them want to bring home wild animals they saw travelling to have them as pets. This is why I decided to travel in a different way give part of my time and money for those who help animals.

I spent two weeks at the wildlife rescue project. It was really interesting and so amazing being so close to the animals. I learned a lot of things from Gavin the coordinator such as how to make enrichment for the animals, how to take care of the kuskus or the lories, etc. The days are based on the same routine but every day is different.

"I could not recommend it highly enough"

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Our group came to the Wildlife Rescue project to make a difference in the protection of endangered species.  We can safely say after leaving that we did just that.  By helping create the different enrichment and activities that the animals used on a daily basis, we could see first-hand how our work and time was worthwhile, as it was clearly stimulating for the animals.  In addition, working to help ‘greeneries’ the Orangutan enclosure was very rewarding, as we could see immediately after we left the impact it had on the general excitement and energy that the Orangutans had.  Overall, our entire group felt that the project was a great place to volunteer, as we really felt that we had made a difference.  My favourite moment has to be filling the Orangutan enclosure with greenery and seeing them play and swing around, knocking down all the palm fronds.

Quote from Jackson: “Honestly the week I spent at the Wildlife Rescue project was possibly one of the most moving and generally incredible weeks I have ever had. There was literally nothing I could fault it on from the people to the activities it was a truly wonderful and enriching experience. I could not recommend it highly enough as words can’t encapsulate it properly”

"I would do it again any time"

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The only expectation I had when I came to the Wildlife Rescue project was to help in every possible way. In the beginning when I heard stories of some of the animals, I was shocked and sad how bad they were treated by humans. It is different when you read about these kind of things, than when you look right in to their eyes. Even more important is it to be a part of the change because the world is full with sad stories.

The project is a great place to learn about the different species and the struggle they have all in their natural habitat. Every day the team is doing their best to create new enrichment for all of the animals and all the volunteers can bring new ideas to give them a little exercise before they can enjoy the food.

It’s a nice feeling to see how your own idea works. One of the things I will never forget is that I’ve learned so much about the different personalities. The facial expressions, gestures and how they live together in a group. So many things in common but we are too blind to see. It was a great opportunity to be a part of the Wildlife Rescue project and I would do it again any time.

"I look forward to continuing this kind of work throughout the rest of my days"

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Growing up, I always wanted work with animals (primates in particular) in some sort of capacity. During my time on Sulawesi, I learned about conservation, preservation, and rehabilitation. From gathering food for animals to creating enrichment to the extensive process of releasing rehabilitated animals back into the wild, I gathered a plethora of knowledge about this world with which I was now a part.

I also learned about the palm oil industry and how it is destroying habitats all over Indonesia. I now pass that knowledge onto nearly every person I meet, detailing what it is and why products with palm oil should be avoided at all costs. Every day at the project, I worked to help make the lives of the animals better, and it made every single day I was there so meaningful. Since returning to the United States, I have continued helping animals in my local area through other volunteer opportunities, and I look forward to continuing this kind of work throughout the rest of my days. Thank you to everyone working there for making such a huge impact on my life!

Wildlife Rescue Volunteer Project, Indonesia

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