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Elephant & Bear Volunteer Project, India

1+ Weeks from

minimum age

  • Volunteer to protect elephants and bears at an ethical wildlife sanctuary
  • Learn about animal welfare in India and efforts being made to conserve these amazing species
  • Work alongside a team of volunteers from around the world
  • Located close to Agra, experience iconic sights including the Taj Mahal

Project Costs

Male elephant in IndiaThe cost to join for a 1-week project is £600, and every extra week costs £420. This cost includes your accommodation (5 nights) in a twin shared room in the volunteer house, three Indian vegetarian meals a day (cooked lunch and dinner and self-served breakfast provided), transportation between the project site(s) and the volunteer house each day, enrichment and other materials at the centre, and pre-departure support from WorkingAbroad.

What is not included are your flights to and from India, your transfers to and from the project site either from Delhi airport or Agra train station (although we can assist you with booking transfers at an extra cost), your travel insurance, tourist visa and any personal expenses, for example sightseeing at the Taj Mahal and so on (although again we can help you to book this at an extra cost). It is mandatory for you to take out travel and medical insurance for the duration of the project.

Payment Terms

Bears playing at sanctuary in IndiaTo secure a placement on the project, please complete and submit the online application form including your application payment of £180 (included in the total costs listed above). If for some reason, your application is not accepted, we will reimburse this payment fully. However, for those who are accepted, 25% of the balance amount needs to be paid within 7 days of being confirmed on the project, with the remainder (75%) to be paid 2 months before your arrival to the project. Once you have been accepted onto the programme you will receive a Volunteer Information Package with all the information on your project, amenities, travel & visa details, what you will need to bring and much more.

Project Dates

Volunteers can join for a stay of 1 week (5 nights) or longer. You should aim to arrive to the volunteer house on a Sunday, as all programmes start on a Monday morning and conclude on a following Friday evening, when you will leave the volunteer house. A typical day starts between 7-9 AM and concludes in the afternoon between 4-6 PM. If you have any questions about dates or durations please email us.

Start End Availability
December 8th 2019 December 13th 2019
December 15th 2019 December 20th 2019
December 22nd 2019 December 27th 2019
December 29th 2019 January 3rd 2020
January 5th 2020 January 10th 2020
January 12th 2020 January 17th 2020
January 19th 2020 January 24th 2020
January 26th 2020 January 31st 2020
February 2nd 2020 February 7th 2020
February 9th 2020 February 14th 2020
February 16th 2020 February 21st 2020
February 23rd 2020 February 28th 2020
March 1st 2020 March 6th 2020
March 8th 2020 March 13th 2020
March 15th 2020 March 20th 2020
March 22nd 2020 March 27th 2020
March 29th 2020 April 3rd 2020
April 5th 2020 April 10th 2020
April 12th 2020 April 17th 2020
April 19th 2020 April 24th 2020
April 26th 2020 May 1st 2020
May 3rd 2020 May 8th 2020
May 10th 2020 May 15th 2020
May 17th 2020 May 22nd 2020
May 24th 2020 May 29th 2020
May 31st 2020 June 5th 2020
June 7th 2020 June 12th 2020
June 14th 2020 June 19th 2020
June 21st 2020 June 26th 2020
June 28th 2020 July 3rd 2020
July 5th 2020 July 10th 2020
July 12th 2020 July 17th 2020
July 19th 2020 July 24th 2020
July 26th 2020 July 31st 2020
August 2nd 2020 August 7th 2020
August 9th 2020 August 14th 2020
August 16th 2020 August 21st 2020
August 23rd 2020 August 28th 2020
August 30th 2020 September 4th 2020
September 6th 2020 September 11th 2020
September 13th 2020 September 18th 2020
September 20th 2020 September 25th 2020
September 27th 2020 October 2nd 2020
October 4th 2020 October 9th 2020
October 11th 2020 October 16th 2020
October 18th 2020 October 23rd 2020
October 25th 2020 October 30th 2020
November 1st 2020 November 6th 2020
November 8th 2020 November 13th 2020
November 15th 2020 November 20th 2020
November 22nd 2020 November 27th 2020
November 29th 2020 December 4th 2020
December 6th 2020 December 11th 2020
December 13th 2020 December 18th 2020
December 20th 2020 December 25th 2020
December 27th 2020 January 1st 2021
Elephant & Bear Volunteer Project, India

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