How can I get listed on the WorkingAbroad Database?

Listing your volunteer projects on our database is a great way to attract more volunteers to your projects.  Our website receives over 40000 visitors and 150000 page views each month, and being listed in our database will allow you to be found by motivated volunteers searching specifically for projects in your country or work domain.  We offer both ‘Basic’ and ‘Premium’ listings for organisations in our database.

Basic Listing

A basic listing is free of charge. The first step is to register with us using this contact form. You will then be able to login and submit your own projects to the database. For basic listings your organisation profile, URL and email will be hidden from the public, but your projects will be listed on the database and shown in search results. You can add as many projects as you like (limited up to 3 per country), however with a basic listing your project entries are limited to 1 picture, 250 words, and you are unable to link to website URLs and your email address will not be shown. Volunteers will be able to contact your organisation through our contact form.

Premium Listings

We offer Gold, Silver and Bronze Premium database listings.  With a premium listing your organisation profile is visible to the public, and is also featured on our database homepage. Volunteers can click on your organisation profile and will be able to view all of your projects in one place and further details on what you do. Furthermore, any projects you add using your organisation profile will be highlighted in search results, and volunteers will be able to find your organisation profile by clicking through from a project. Premium listings include a photo gallery on your organisation page, a higher text limit of 750 words, and the ability to link directly to your website and your social networking pages.Advertise your volunteer projects with Working Abroad  A screenshot example of a Gold listing is to the right.

  • Gold Listings are at the top of the database homepage in prime position where you have a large photo banner with text - at £36 per month (Includes VAT)
  • Silver Listings are in second place directly beneath Gold listings with small photo/logo and text - at £24 per month (Includes VAT)
  • Bronze Listings are below and are rotated amongst other bronze listings with logo and text - at £18.70 per month (Includes VAT)

We offer a discount of 1 month free if you sign up for 12 months. Further discounts are also available if you want to combine both a database & featured or TEFL listing, please ask for details.

For both basic and premium listings you are able to login and amend your projects and manage your listings online.  To get listed on our database please click here

For information on other advertising opportunities on our website, such as bespoke Featured Volunteer Organisation, TEFL & Teaching Projects pages and Banner Advertising - please click here.