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Getting prepared for a volunteer trip overseas can sometimes be complicated. With this in mind, we have provided the information below with advice for getting travel insurance for volunteering abroad, booking your flights for volunteering abroad and getting a visa for volunteering abroad. You can also find details on our ‘Low Carbon Manifesto’ a resource and community we have created for people who want to travel via more environmentally sustainable methods.

As part of our comprehensive service, all of our volunteers receive detailed travel advice and assistance with arranging their trip when joining one of our volunteering abroad projects, and a member of our team is always on hand to offer help and advice every step of the way. If you have any travel questions about planning your upcoming volunteer abroad trip, please contact us.

The WorkingAbroad Low Carbon Manifesto

The ongoing climate crisis requires everyone in the travel industry to act responsibly and be held accountable for their environmental impacts. With this in mind, we have created our Low Carbon Manifesto, a resource with information on the climate crisis, and travel options for people who want to travel without using flights, as well as our ‘Snail Travel’ community groups for inspiring sustainable travel stories.

Travel Insurance

Find out more about travel insurance options for volunteering abroad.