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Read more about our Sea Turtle Rehabilitation Volunteering Programme in The Maldives

Turtle swimming underwater in MaldivesVolunteer Maldives | Marine Conservation | Working AbroadIn the Maldives, we are lucky to be surrounded by an abundance of tropical marine life, including five species of sea turtle. Unfortunately, due to threats such as habitat loss, poaching, the illegal pet trade, and injury from ghost net entanglement, most sea turtle species are now endangered. At the Marine Centre, we work to combat this by rescuing, rehabilitating and ultimately releasing sea turtles back into the wild where they belong.

As a volunteer, you will be an integral part of our team, working alongside our Marine Biologists to gain practical turtle husbandry skills from cleaning and feeding, to assisting with administrating medical treatment. Volunteers also have the opportunity to gain experience in marine surveying and community outreach. This programme is perfect for budding conservationists who want to gain practical skills and field experience, or for volunteers who simply love sea turtles and want to interact with them in a sustainable way.

The Sea Turtle Conservation Programme is available for 2-week durations but we strongly recommend at least 3 weeks to get the full experience. Furthermore, weather conditions also play a factor in what you will be able to do and bad weather may prevent you from going in the water for several days.

Volunteer holding baby sea turtle in MaldivesVolunteer Maldives | Marine Conservation | Working Abroad

What to expect

  • Work closely with other ocean enthusiasts, both international and local, at our marine centre
  • Get involved in a variety of projects including: sea turtle rehabilitation, husbandry work, beach cleanups and community outreach
  • Live in the ‘real’ Maldives in a friendly community who will welcome you with open arms
  • Hone practical conservation skills to enhance future career prospects.
  • Enjoy weekly activities including snorkelling, excursions to uninhabited islands, BBQs and more


Before you sign up for volunteering in our Sea Turtle Conservation Programme, you should take note of the few requirements listed below. To volunteer on this programme, you should:

  • Be minimum 18 years old
  • Have the ability to swim and be comfortable in the water
  • Hold an interest in marine life and conservation efforts
  • Have experience in the field of marine biology or oceanography (beneficial)
  • Have an open mind towards other cultures
  • Be willing to commit yourself to helping our community
  • Bring your own snorkelling equipment (mask, snorkel and fins)

What’s in it for you?

Whether you are a student, have a degree in marine biology or are just an ocean lover, we guarantee that volunteering in this programme will be both a learning experience and a lot of fun!  By joining our programme, you will be able to make a difference where it matters. We have a lot of experience in this field and joining us means that you will gain practical experience and a lifetime of memories.

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