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Family Volunteering Abroad

"It was a privilege to have spent albeit a short time with the Playa Tortuga project. It is the first time we have done any volunteering work and the project was an ideal choice for us. The community spirit was wonderful and the fact you are living so close to everyone at the project helps everyone to bond that much more quickly."

Siouville Family from the UK

Family Volunteering Abroad: Unforgettable Experiences for the Whole Family

Discover the magic of family volunteering abroad with WorkingAbroad, where you and your loved ones can embark on a life-changing journey together. Our carefully selected family-friendly programmes offer unforgettable experiences, allowing you to bond and create lasting memories while making a meaningful difference in the world.

As pioneers in the field of volunteering abroad since 1997, WorkingAbroad has gained a deep understanding of what it takes to provide enriching and educational volunteer experiences for families. Our Co-Founder, Vicky McNeil, has personally taken her family on numerous volunteer adventures, ensuring that our programmes cater to families of all ages and interests.

Why Choose Family Volunteering Abroad?

  • Strengthen family bonds while contributing to essential conservation and community development projects.
  • Immerse your family in new cultures and environments, fostering a deeper understanding of global issues and the importance of giving back.
  • Create lasting memories and instilling a sense of responsibility and compassion in your children, away from the distractions of everyday life.

Our Family-Friendly Volunteer Programmes

Below, you will find a curated selection of our family-friendly volunteer programmes, each offering unique opportunities for your family to learn, grow, and make a positive impact on the planet. These programmes are featured in our TOP 9 family volunteering abroad blog, which showcases the best experiences for parents and children alike.

Whether it’s protecting endangered sea turtles, conducting dolphin research, or supporting wildlife conservation in national parks, our programmes are designed to engage and inspire both parents and children alike. We encourage you to explore our TOP 9 blog for more details on these incredible opportunities.

Please note that specific family dates may apply for some programmes. For any questions or guidance on choosing the perfect family volunteer programme, feel free to send an email to our Co-Founder, Vicky McNeil, who is always happy to help fellow family adventurers!

Let WorkingAbroad Be Your Guide

At WorkingAbroad, we are committed to providing ethical, responsible, and sustainable volunteer opportunities that enrich the lives of our volunteers and the communities we serve. Our dedicated team personally vets and visits each project, ensuring that your family volunteering experience is both safe and meaningful.

Embark on an unforgettable adventure with your family today and make a lasting impact on the world with WorkingAbroad.

  • Galapagos Conservation Volunteers

    • Duration 2 to 12 Weeks
    • Prices from £1465

    Volunteer on a range of wildlife conservation and environmental projects on Isabela island, Galapagos. Join a dynamic team of volunteers and local staff while supporting the unique ecosystem of the Galapagos islands.

  • Dolphin & Whale Volunteer Research Project, Italy

    • Duration 1 - 4 weeks
    • Prices from £750

    A sailing-boat based cetacean volunteer research and conservation programme in the Western Mediterranean located between Italy and France.

  • Blue Lagoon Coral Reef Project, Mauritius

    • Duration 1 week to 3 months
    • Prices from £630

    Volunteer in Mauritius in the Indian Ocean and take part in a coral reef monitoring and marine conservation volunteer and internship programme, which includes coral reef farming and restoration, lagoon monitoring and sea turtle research in the beautiful Blue Bay Marine Park.

  • Dolphin Research Volunteer Project, Greece

    • Duration 1-4 weeks
    • Prices from £680

    Volunteer on this dolphin and monk seal research project in the Ionian Sea and help to ensure the long-term survival of Bottlenose and Common Dolphins and Mediterranean Monk Seals.

  • Ocean Spirits Leatherback Sea Turtle Volunteer Project, Grenada

    • Duration 2 - 12 Weeks
    • Prices from £995

    Volunteer in the Caribbean as a Research Assistant and take part in leatherback sea turtle monitoring, research, and community outreach programmes on the island of Grenada.

  • Playa Tortuga Conservation Volunteer Project, Costa Rica

    • Duration 1 week to 6 months
    • Prices from £470

    Volunteer in Costa Rica and live and work in a biological research station and take part in sea turtle, butterfly, caiman, crocodile, tree boa, monkey and mammal research and environmental education. Coral reef restoration option available too.

  • Shamwari Big Five Game Reserve Volunteer Programme, South Africa

    • Duration 1 - 12 weeks
    • Prices from £1215

    Join an award-winning conservation team in a Big Five Game Reserve in South Africa, boasting a huge variety of game over a vast 23,000 hectares.

  • Elephant Volunteer Project, Laos

    • Duration 2 Days - 1 week
    • Prices from £365

    Volunteer at an ethical sanctuary for Elephants in Laos. Experience these iconic species in a beautiful forest setting, where elephants are able to live freely, away from the mass tourist or logging industry in their undisturbed natural environment.

  • The Great African Seaforest Marine Volunteer Programme, South Africa

    • Duration 1-12 Weeks
    • Prices from £795

    Join a team of passionate marine biologists and conservationists in the field and get hands-on experience working on marine research and conservation projects. Assist with scientific monitoring projects, citizen science initiatives and explore the kelp forests whilst on fish and shark surveys with the research team. Contribute to long term monitoring programmes of the great African sea forest.

  • Elephant & Bear Volunteer Project, India

    • Duration 1-2 weeks
    • Prices from £720

    Volunteer to help conserve rescued elephants and bears at an ethical wildlife rescue and conservation centre in India. Contribute to animal welfare and learn about the issues surrounding wildlife protection in India.

  • Elephant Sanctuary Volunteer Project, Cambodia

    • Duration 2-8 Weeks
    • Prices from £815

    Volunteer with elephants at an Elephant Sanctuary in the forests of Mondulkiri, located in the remote Eastern Cambodia. The elephants are retired from their previous hard-working lives in the trekking and tourism industry, and now roaming free in their natural habitat.

  • Desert Elephants Volunteer Project, Namibia

    • Duration 2 - 12 weeks
    • Prices from £945

    Track desert elephants and take part in community building volunteer work in the beautiful Damaraland region of the Namib Desert.