Wildlife conservation and community volunteer projects and internships worldwide

Internships Abroad

"The magnificent reefs that circle this island are some of the most beautiful in the world, and should be considered part of the national identity of every Mauritian, a reason to be proud of your beautiful country. This is why I think the coral reefs are worth investing in, and worth protecting."

Alex Hornmann, previous intern on Coral Reef Monitoring project in Mauritius

For those looking for a role in the environmental, health care or wildlife conservation sector, workplace experience is of particularly high value. It is the practical experience that offers prospective employers the indication of whether the applicant is suited for the job.

The small grassroots organisations we work with require assistance from interns to carry out their programmes and conservation efforts. Our partners in the field are not operating their programmes for profits: the money that is leftover goes back into the organisation to increase the numbers of protected sea turtles, build more trails, and have more eyes and ears for cutting edge environmental research.

By doing an internship abroad, you also open up a whole new world of opportunity within your field of work or interest that you may otherwise not have known to exist. Interns are also provided more responsibility in their work than regular volunteers the longer they stay, and have the possibility to exchange ideas and influence the work of the organisation to a greater degree.

The types of internships are varied in nature – for example: we offer research focused internships in the Amazon rainforest, where interns can contribute to existing research or even develop their own research project in collaboration with the scientists in the field. If your passion is more related to marine wildlife, then there are numerous opportunities to work with dolphin, whale, sea turtle and coral reef research and conservation in South Africa and Mauritius. Or maybe your area of interest is wildlife, like elephants or big cats? Then the programmes in Sri Lanka or Botswana might be best suited for you!