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Volunteering Abroad for Students

"I had an absolutely great time in Limpopo! Everyone were very nice and showed concern about my wellbeing! I got great help with my work at the same time as I was free to do what I needed. "

Andreas Lundgren, Student from Sweden

Being a student or graduate is arguably tougher than it has ever been before. With a rising number of people opting to study for a degree, more students and graduates are competing for entry level jobs.

However, there are still plenty of things that students and recent graduates can do to strengthen their CV’s and broaden their horizons. Perhaps the most valuable is the undertaking of volunteering or intern work within the sector associated to the degree. Not only does this provide the practical, hands-on experience that future employers so desire, but it also offers the chance to make valuable connections within the sector. In an age where many jobs are filled through referrals, it is essential that students and graduates make themselves known by understanding the importance of networking.

We, at WorkingAbroad, feel that combining a gap year with supporting a local programme, learning a skill, and at the same time enhancing your own personal development and experience is the best outcome for all: the volunteer and the organisation in the field.

By volunteering abroad, students and graduates also open up a whole new world of opportunity within their sector that they may otherwise not have known to exist. Environmental conservation, for instance, is required in all countries across the globe, though the specifics vary between countries and continents. A conservation student studying in the UK, who chooses to volunteer with sea turtles for a month in Grenada, may end up opting to continue down that line of work – a line of work they may have never otherwise experienced.

The world of student volunteering abroad is therefore not only valuable for students looking to gain that all important work experience to strengthen their CV, but it also offers students and graduates the chance to experience a new side of the working environment related to their degree.

All of our partner organisations offer students the opportunity to volunteer with them. Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information about volunteering abroad opportunities for students, and if you are looking for experience in a particular field like Marine conservation, Ecology and Environment efforts, Medical and Health work and Wildlife conservation etc. Below you can find the list of projects you can join.

If you are interested in joining as a student group, then you can also check out our Group Volunteering Abroad Page.