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WorkingAbroad was established in 1997 to provide small-scale organisations with need-based support from volunteers. Our main areas of focus are wildlife and habitat conservation, environmental education, management, teaching, social work and cultural development. We run projects in various countries around the world. On this page you can find out more about our organisation and the different volunteer projects we offer right around the globe, as well as some general requirements and advice for anyone planning on a volunteer trip abroad. You can also read about our Working Abroad's history, our commitment to ethical standards for our projects. Plus you will learn who's behind the story of  WorkingAbroad and see our wonderful team!


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Discover more about volunteering abroad and what we can do for you.


Ethical Volunteering AbroadEthical Volunteering Abroad

Read more about our approach to ensuring Sustainable and Ethical Volunteering Abroad.

Ethical Volunteering AbroadEthical Volunteering with Wildlife

Find out More About our Policy on Ethical Volunteering with Wildlife Abroad

Ethical Volunteering AbroadEthical Volunteering with Children

Understand our Policy on Ethical Volunteering with Children Abroad.

Leopard in AfricaVolunteer in Africa

Volunteer in Africa and carry out vital conservation programmes in Namibia, South Africa, Mauritius and Kenya.

Bird in PeruVolunteer in Latin America

Volunteer in Latin America and take part in teaching, medical and community volunteering in Brazil and Argentina and conservation volunteering in Ecuador, Peru and Costa Rica. 

Turtle in GrenadaVolunteer in the Caribbean

Volunteer in the Caribbean, and take part in Leatherback sea turtle research and monitoring in Grenada, and conservation volunteering in St. Eustatius in the Dutch Caribbean.

Dolphin volunteering abroadVolunteer in Europe

Volunteer with dolphins and whales in Italy, Greece and Croatia, work on conservation & community projects in Spain, and carry out wilderness volunteering in Iceland, Sweden and Slovakia.

Volunteers in the Maldives

Volunteer in Asia

Volunteer in Asia and Oceania and join our teaching, medical and community volunteer programmes in India, Laos, Thailand, Nepal, Cambodia, the Maldives, and our conservation programmes in Australia, New Zealand and Thailand.

Volunteers in NevadaVolunteer in North America

Volunteer in the USA and join our conservation volunteer and internship programmes in California, Nevada, Oregon and North Carolina.

Photo competition winnerPhoto Competition

Look at and browse our monthly photo competition, and how you can enter for the chance to win a discounted volunteer trip abroad.

Who we AreWho we are

See who's behind the WorkingAbroad Team.

Blue Lagoon, MauritiusOur Partners

Find out more about our international volunteer NGO partner organizations.

Scuba diving volunteerWorkingAbroad Background

Read some background on our organisation and its history.