So you want to Volunteer Abroad?

Volunteer abroad in over 150 countries worldwideVolunteer Abroad

If you're looking for volunteering abroad and voluntary work opportunities in over 150 countries worldwide, then, this is where it starts... Working Abroad is the international networking service for volunteers, workers and travellers, which offers you the ability to take action for nature and society. We have over 1000 volunteer abroad organisations and overseas volunteer projects around the world searching for support from volunteers, all of which can be viewed and contacted for free using our online database.

Working Abroad is an independent, VAT registered (no. 214261839) organisation based in the United Kingdom. The volunteer abroad projects found on our database are diverse and range from the following categories:
  • Volunteering abroad opportunities worldwide with Working AbroadSocial and community development volunteering
  • Environment and nature conservation volunteering
  • Human rights volunteering, helping women and children
  • Wildlife surveying and expeditions
  • Medicine and healthcare volunteering
  • Construction, sanitation, housing
  • Education and teaching volunteering
  • Agriculture and organic farming volunteering

All projects listed on our database fit our policy on ethical volunteering abroad.

What types of voluntary work exist?

Of course, volunteer abroad projects in different countries can be short term, long term, paid, unpaid, skilled, unskilled - it all depends on your needs, qualifications and personal interests.   Please click here to read our guide on volunteering abroad in other countries and the types of overseas volunteer work projects available. Please also click here if you are interested in family volunteering abroad.

Volunteer with elephants in Namibia as a conservation volunteerWorkingAbroad Projects

WorkingAbroad Projects is a not-for-profit company, established in March 2002, and is one of the pioneers in worldwide volunteering abroad. We work with international NGO’s at the forefront of marine conservation volunteering, wildlife and habitat conservation volunteering, environmental education and ecology, teaching, working with children, community and rural development projects, medical care volunteer programmes and internships.  We run volunteer abroad projects in many countries all throughout Africa, Latin America, Asia, Europe and North America. 

Please click here to view all of our Worldwide Volunteering Abroad Projects or if you would like to view our available volunteer projects by continent, click on the links below:


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