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"The third week was spent working in an area called Kallangur which was quite close to Brisbane. The accommodation was in a Scout camp at Samford and the work involved planting trees and shrubs to make a Koala corridor. "

Paul Barber

From lush tropical rainforest to endless stretches of winding white sand beaches, from picturesque rolling hills to red stained mountains and from sandy deserts to pristine lakes, Australia truly has some of the world’s most inspiring landscapes.  And that’s even before you dive below the surface off the coast – characterised by the world-renowned Great Barrier Reef where we run a Great Barrier Reef volunteer programme.  The vastness of empty space across the country is contrasted with bustling cityscapes – each with its own unique blend of people and lifestyle.

Whilst volunteering in Australia, you will discover the spirit of adventure that runs through Australia, though, at the same time, enjoying the laid back nature of the people.  This makes it the perfect place to sit back and fully enjoy the show that nature puts on – right before diving headlong into the multiple outdoor adventures on offer of course.

Our Projects in Australia

  • Great Barrier Reef Conservation Project, Australia

    • Duration 2-4 Weeks
    • Prices from £2075

    Join a marine conservation internship in Australia’s Great Barrier Reef. Help to protect this amazing natural wonder and develop your conservation and research skills alongside experienced marine biologists.

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Geography and Climate

In Australia, geography and climate are both as varied as each other.  The country is largely flat with a few prominent mountain ranges, and it is largely dry, with rainfall concentrated on the eastern coast.  It has some of the most beautiful coastlines, stretching deserts and incredible coral reef systems.

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History and Culture

Australia’s culture and history is quite heavily influenced by the British.  Yet at the same time there is an original twist across food, language and traditions.  Indigenous influences make up an important part of the cultural landscape.

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Wildlife and Biodiversity

Australia has an immense selection of fauna and flora across its variety of landscapes.  Volunteering in Australia across its vast network of national parks means you can experience tropical forests, sandy deserts and deep oceans, where species continue to charm all those who see them.

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