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"Leatherback turtles are incredible creatures and I feel honoured and privileged to have been part of their conservation. I feel very lucky to have spent six weeks working with them. It was a very hands on project, helping to collect data about the turtles, their eggs and the nests, which was very rewarding."

Rhiannon, UK

Overall the Caribbean is most probably one of the closest realisations to what people picture when they think of paradise.  And with long, white sandy beaches washed by glistening waters and colourful towns concealed by palm trees but lit up by bright sunshine, it’s no stretch to imagine why.

If you come and volunteer in the Caribbean on one of our projects, you will be enchanted by the culture of the region, with soulful music, food and people, which makes the islands a place that feels as comfortable as home to most travellers and volunteers.  The colours of the Caribbean, from the azure waters to the emerald green forests and from the red orchids and to the yellow parrots, will definitely leave you entranced.  We offer opportunities to volunteer with sea turtles and to carry out coral reef restoration whilst becoming a certified Eco Divemaster!


Our Projects in Caribbean

Interesting Facts

Interesting Facts

  • Only about only 2% of the Caribbean islands are inhabited.
  • Jamaica was the setting of the very first James Bond film, Dr No.
  • The shortest runway on earth, not more than 1,300 feet long, can be found on the Caribbean island of Saba, which is next to the island of St. Eustatius where we have one of our Caribbean volunteer programmes.
  • The Caribbean is a birding hotspot with 560 bird species recorded throughout the region’s islands.
  • Tobago, the sister island of Trinidad, was the inspiration for Daniel Defoe’s Robinson Crusoe.
Wildlife in the Caribbean

Wildlife in the Caribbean

So much of life in the Caribbean takes place outdoors, and not surprisingly so.  The nature of the various islands is overwhelming beautiful and thrives with some of the most wonderful species of fauna and flora.  The colours of flowers add even more life to the landscapes: the Bougainvillea is the national flower of Grenada and the Heliconia of Montserrat.  Fruit trees can also be found all over the place: like the mango, papaya, orange, banana, guava, pineapple, tamarind and watermelon.  Iguanas have been soaking up the sun across the Caribbean for over 12 million years and they also act as local gardeners, spreading the seeds of many plant species.  If you come and work as a volunteer in the Caribbean on one of our projects, you can volunteer with Leatherback sea turtles which are the largest and oldest sea turtle species in the world.

Conservation Threats

Conservation Threats

Much of the concern when it comes to the Caribbean and its wildlife often centres around the problems facing the marine life and coastal waters.  Overfishing, pollution, increased tourism and rising sea levels are all important threats that damage the vital ecosystems off the coast of the islands.  All of these concerns have similarly negative impacts such as the loss of habitat for multiple species and the protection of shores with the loss of coral reefs.

Our Caribbean volunteer projects are aimed at conserving and protecting the species that live in the waters surrounding the islands. Volunteers play a vital role in protecting sea turtle eggs and ensuring their survival for future generations, as well as taking an active part in growing coral nurseries in order to restore damaged reefs.

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