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Costa Rica Volunteer in Costa Rica

"Volunteering at the Costa Rican sanctuary was incredible and being with the macaws was a huge privilege. Being trusted to work with them and be responsible for their daily routine was beyond my expectations. I loved every second and feel very homesick for the sanctuary and Puerto!"

Paige Bentley, UK

Experience the Diversity of Nature – Volunteer in Costa Rica

Discover the heart of Central America with a life-changing opportunity to volunteer in Costa Rica. Nestled between two oceans, Costa Rica is a haven of biodiversity, where tropical rainforests, cloud forests, mangroves, and stunning beaches create a canvas of natural beauty. Volunteering here isn’t just an act of service; it’s an immersion into a world where nature’s rhythm beats in harmony with a vibrant Latino culture.

Why Volunteer in Costa Rica?

Costa Rica, a gem known for topping the Happy Planet Index, offers an unparalleled experience for nature enthusiasts and conservationists. As you volunteer in Costa Rica, you become part of a community dedicated to preserving one of the planet’s most diverse ecosystems.

  1. Wildlife Conservation: Engage in our wildlife rescue programme and find yourself up close with the iconic red macaw. These birds, adorned in brilliant red, blue, green, and yellow feathers, symbolise the spirit of Costa Rica. Your efforts in wildlife conservation contribute to safeguarding these magnificent creatures.
  2. Biodiversity Hotspot: With 10% of the world’s butterfly species calling Costa Rica home, your volunteering journey will be a kaleidoscope of colours and experiences, including sea turtles. Witness the flutter of countless wings and understand why this country leaves a lasting, vibrant impact on all who visit our deep ecology programme.
  3. Sustainable Living and Ecotourism: As a volunteer, embrace the slow tempo of Costa Rican life. Learn about sustainable practices and ecotourism initiatives that balance environmental conservation with community development.
  4. Cultural Immersion: Experience the local lifestyle, from the pulsating rhythms of Latino music to the tranquil beauty of sunsets and waterfalls. Your time in Costa Rica is an opportunity to connect with its people, understand their values, and partake in their journey towards a sustainable future.

Make a Difference – Join Us in Costa Rica

Your decision to volunteer in Costa Rica is a step towards protecting our planet and immersing yourself in a culture of joy and conservation. Whether assisting with wildlife rescue, participating in turtle nest surveys, or supporting community projects, your contribution is invaluable. Join us in this unique adventure where every day is a chance to learn, explore, and make a meaningful impact.

Ready to embark on this journey? Select one of our Costa Rican volunteer projects below and become a part of our global community of conservationists and nature lovers.

Our Projects in Costa Rica

Geography and Climate of Costa Rica

From Costa Rica’s humid rainforests, and ancient volcanoes to its Pacific and Caribbean coastline and cool mountain winds, the climate and landscapes experienced across the country are as diverse as they are epic.

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Costa Rican History and Culture

With influence from various cultures, especially Spanish, there is a colour and life that runs through Costa Rica’s traditions, food and people. Family, religion and nature play a large part of life in the country.

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Wildlife and Biodiversity of Costa Rica

Costa Rica has so many incredible species and habitats, many endemic. Volunteering in Costa Rica offers you the chance to work with a variety of species from scarlet macaws, butterflies to sea turtles, crocodiles and capuchin monkeys.

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