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Costa Rica Volunteer in Costa Rica

"Wow, what a country! Costa Rica is by far the most beautiful country I have ever visited, filled with jungles, beaches and so much wildlife! I had a brilliant stay at the reserve where I learned so much about the various species of animals both in the jungle and on the beach."

Fenja Squirrell, UK

Tropical rainforests as well as deciduous, cloud and mangrove forests; seemingly endless coastline; towering mountains and ancient volcanoes are just a few of the spectacular sites that Costa Rica has to offer from shore to shore.  The country is simultaneously dynamic and peaceful and there is a latino rhythm instilled in people that is ironically matched by the slow tempo of life.  There is little across this small, Central American country that doesn’t explode with beauty be it the sunsets, the waterfalls, the jungles or the beach waves.

For a country that has consistently won in the Happy Planet index ratings, the red macaw, with its brilliant red, blue, green and yellow feathers, is perhaps the best embodiment of Costa Rica’s soul.  If you come to volunteer in Costa Rica, you can work with these dazzling birds at our Wildlife Rescue programme as just one of the many options available.  In addition, Costa Rica holds 10% of the world’s butterfly populations, meaning the country certainly leaves all those who visit it with a flutter-filled, colourful feeling.

Our Projects in Costa Rica

  • Playa Tortuga Conservation Volunteer Project, Costa Rica

    • Duration 1 week to 6 months
    • Prices from £445

    Volunteer in Costa Rica and live and work in a biological research station and take part in sea turtle, butterfly, caiman, crocodile, tree boa, monkey and mammal research and environmental education.

  • Wildlife Rescue Volunteer Project, Costa Rica

    • Duration 2-12 weeks
    • Prices from £195

    Opportunities for volunteers and interns to work with rescued animals, whilst also having the opportunity to learn Spanish, and take yoga lessons.

  • Olive Ridley Sea Turtle Volunteer Programme, Costa Rica

    • Duration 11 days -12 weeks
    • Prices from £610

    Volunteer in Costa Rica and become a sea turtle volunteer, helping to conserve and protect the populations of vulnerable Olive Ridleys. Located on the spectacular Pacific coast where Olive Ridley turtles come up in thousands at a time for this phenomenon of nature called ‘arribadas’.

  • Pacific Sea Turtle Volunteer Project, Costa Rica

    • Duration 1 - 12 weeks
    • Prices from £367

    Volunteer with sea turtles in Costa Rica on our Olive, Green and Hawksbill Ridley turtle research programme on the spectacular Southern Pacific coast of Costa Rica in the Osa Peninsula in the remote wilderness paradise of Playa Rincon, or the amazing Playa Hermosa, at Punta Mala beach.

Geography and Climate

Humid rainforests, ancient volcanoes, Pacific and Caribbean coastline and cool mountain winds are just a few types of climate and landscape experienced across the country. A number of microclimates also make for a change depending on where you are.

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History and Culture

With influence from various cultures, especially Spanish, there is a colour and life that runs through the country’s traditions, food and people. Family, religion and nature play a large part of life in the country.

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Wildlife and Biodiversity

Costa Rica has so many incredible species and habitats, many endemic. Volunteering in Costa Rica offers you the chance to work with a variety of species from scarlet macaws, butterflies to sea turtles, crocodiles and capuchin monkeys.

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