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Galapagos Volunteer in the Galapagos

"During my stay, I had the opportunity to feed the tortoises at the breeding centre, to see the birth of baby tortoises and even to measure them. I also really enjoyed my free afternoons to visit the islands, to go on excursions around the island and to simply relax on the beach."

Sandrine Brunet, Switzerland

At first glance, the Galapagos Islands may not seem like your typical paradise given the very rugged terrain that covers the majority of the islands.  However past this hard exterior, you will find some of the most incredible biodiversity in the world (and at least a few sandy beaches in Tortuga Bay on the island of Santa Cruz).  Awe-inspiring and magnificent, the islands are home to creatures that take you back to a prehistoric time and instil you with a sense of wonder for nature you may not have felt before.  In fact, you will definitely develop a new appreciation for the creativity of the earth.  Dotted amongst this is also small villages, whose people are warm, friendly and welcoming to all who pass through; happy to share their fresh and delicious seafood.

Volunteering in the Galapagos will give you the chance to volunteer with the world famous giant tortoises and help out with sea turtle conservation whilst enjoying the splendour of these stunning islands.

Our Projects in Galapagos

  • Galapagos Conservation Volunteers

    • Duration 2 to 12 Weeks
    • Prices from £1465

    Volunteer on a range of wildlife conservation and environmental projects on Isabela island, Galapagos. Join a dynamic team of volunteers and local staff while supporting the unique ecosystem of the Galapagos islands.

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Geography and Climate

Volcanic in origin, the Galapagos Islands are constantly being formed and reformed.  Despite large parts of rugged terrain they also contain some dense and unique vegetation.  Being on the equator, the islands enjoy relatively stable weather across the year.

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History and Culture

Aside from being famous for the inspiration they gave Charles Darwin’s theories of evolution, the islands have a history of being pirate havens. Today they host a mix of culture, similar to that found on the Ecuador mainland, held by warm and friendly people.

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Wildlife and Biodiversity

With almost all of their species endemic, these islands contain some of the most magnificent creatures in the world that volunteers in the Galapagos can work with.  They are a UNESCO world heritage site and boast some incredible biodiversity.

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