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Greece Volunteer in Greece

"I had a great time in Vonitsa: I love this quaint, Mediterranean town and the valuable research that the project conducts. I chose this research expedition to explore a new country and to gain practical experience in marine biology – mission accomplished!"

Niki, USA

Greece is a country whose rugged beauty is matched by the soft colours of coastal towns and eclipsed by and abundance of life and light.  Located in southeastern Europe, it is comprised not just of a mountainous mainland, but also of thousands of charmingly romantic islands.  It is known to have been the very centre of western civilisation and after a brief moment of viewing the magnificent ruins of old-world glory set against the breathtaking landscape of blue-tinged mountains, you’ll be in no doubt as to why.

On the border of three continents, a kaleidoscope of culture indicative of its role in multiple grand civilisations, this country is truly a reflection of both old-world wonder and modern day life.  All of this is set amidst spectacular landscapes from dense olive groves and lush plains to ancient volcanoes and rocky hills.  Flourishing across these terrains is an array of wildlife which draws nature lovers and volunteers from all around the world.  As a volunteer in Greece, you can help to protect sea turtles and contribute to dolphin research every summer.

Our Projects in Greece

Geography and Climate

Southernmost of the countries on the Balkans Peninsula, this mountainous country is comprised of a mainland and a wide collection of islands.  It has quite a temperate climate which varies from north to south.

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History and Culture

At a point where east meets west and where a kaleidoscope of civilisations have rested, Greece offers so much to travellers and volunteers.  There is a considerable amount to see, taste and feel in this sensational place.

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Wildlife and Biodiversity

Greece’s range of terrains is an ideal place for an array of wildlife.  It is home to a number of endemic and endangered species and has some incredible natural wonders.  Volunteering in Greece with sea turtles and dolphins is a perfect way to appreciate these wonders.

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