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Iceland Volunteer in Iceland

"I had a great time volunteering in Skaftafell, Iceland. With a mixed group of awesome individuals spending time in one of the most beautiful areas in the world felt like a great blessing. Though the work was tough, it was fulfilling. Something really different from my office job at home. "

Huibert van Mourik

Iceland is a magnificent display of some of nature’s purest beauty.  It is an island nation characterised by an arctic desert that is punctuated by mountains, glaciers, geysers, hot springs, volcanoes and waterfalls.  Layered lava masses and some extensive grasslands, bogs and marshes also colour the landscape.  The country’s interesting history means culture is a blend of age-old tradition and modern elements, all shrouded in an overwhelming connection with the mystical.  In fact, some of the natural phenomena may just make some of the strongest sceptics waver.

The wildlife of the country is varied and adapted to the difficult terrain.  Across the country you can find towering cliffs, a-flurry with a variety of bird species; wide glaciers hiding the earliest inhabitants, arctic foxes, and rough waters thriving with whales and seals.  If you join us to volunteer in Iceland, the expansive, colossal and crisply clean natural wonders will make you feel as if you have been dropped at the end of the world.

Our Projects in Iceland

  • Reforestation Volunteer Project, Iceland

    • Duration 2 weeks
    • Prices from £575

    Volunteers are needed to help with ecological restoration and reforestation in the region of Úlfljótsvatn lake in the southwest of Iceland

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Geography and Climate

An island in the far north of the globe, just below the Arctic circle, Iceland still manages to have a range of geographical conditions and a relatively mild climate.

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History and Culture

Being one of the youngest independent countries in the world and the last settled in Europe, Iceland has a relatively short history.  Its culture is also shaped by isolation, although this doesn’t mean it is any less rich than some of its other European counterparts.

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Wildlife and Biodiversity

Iceland plays hosts to a series of incredible wildlife from marine mammals, like whales and seals, to land mammals, like arctic foxes and reindeer.  It also boasts some amazing glaciers and national parks that volunteers in Iceland can enjoy working near.

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