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Indonesia Volunteer in Indonesia

"I spent two weeks at the wildlife rescue project. It was really interesting and so amazing being so close to the animals."

Nathalie de la Tour

There is little in Indonesia that won’t enchant you.  It is a nation of vast islands with a rich collection of nature and people.  Colourful markets seem to take inspiration from the array of tropical birds and lush, green forests give way to idyllic sandy beaches on some islands and rugged, towering mountains on others.  From sunrise to sunset, and from volcanic tip to corralled water, the nation is bursting with beauty.

Ragam (rah-gam) meaning diversity, is thus at the heart of Indonesian society.  With 300 ethnic groups and 583 languages, the country’s people are born of a fusion of multiple indigenous and foreign influences across centuries.  The basic principles, which guide life, include the concepts of mutual assistance or “gotong royong” and this makes for a harmonious and friendly society and ideal environment for volunteers in Indonesia to spend time in.  Importantly, much of the existence is about being at one with nature, a philosophy that is very much needed across the world.

Our Projects in Indonesia

  • Wildlife Rescue Volunteer Project, Indonesia

    • Duration 2-12 Weeks
    • Prices from £710

    The Wildlife Rescue Centre on the island Sulawesi in Indonesia looks after rescued wildlife, where volunteers assist with practical tasks to help the local staff in their efforts to rehabilitate the animals.

  • Orangutan Conservation Volunteer Project, Indonesia

    • Duration 3 Weeks
    • Prices from £1575

    Join the Borneo Orangutan Conservation project in Indonesia as a volunteer, and assist a project in the forefront of rainforest and wildlife conservation efforts in this region. Work in a vast rainforest that is home to diverse wildlife, including the largest lowland orangutan population in the world, and contribute to their future protection.


Geography and Climate

The largest collection of islands in the world, Indonesia is a magnificent array of mountainous interiors and coastal lowlands with lush vegetation.  The climate is tropical with largely hot and humid weather and two seasons determined by the monsoons.

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History and Culture

The country has a rich history of early kingdoms as well as a turbulent experience with multiple colonial powers.  Religion, flavour-filled food and diversity are characteristic of the cultural experience in Indonesia.

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Wildlife and Biodiversity

In terms of fauna and flora, Indonesia is one of the most diverse countries in the world.  It is home to an incredible display of beautiful species and a number of globally significant eco-regions.  Volunteers in Indonesia can help to protect these species by working in our Wildlife Rescue Volunteer Centre.

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