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Kenya Volunteer in Kenya

"The staff were very professional and kind. We learned a lot of things about the environment and about the turtles. We did a lot of different activities like saving turtles, but also mangrove potting, beach assessment, schools visits, anti-poaching patrol, night patrol, looking for turtles nests and protecting them. So it was really two amazing weeks! "

Sophie Everarts, Belgium

Kenya, on the east coast of the African continent, boasts incredibly magnificent and diverse landscapes, wildlife and people.  It has breathtakingly deep-red sunsets, dark mossy forests, golden savannahs, azure waters, white sands and when hit just right by the sun, a fiery Mount Kenya.  The biodiversity only adds more colour to these terrains as red elephants, pink flamingos and rainbow coral reefs are abound.  The multi-ethnic constitution of the country complements this colour.  It is a place where African, Arabic and European influences mesh to form a vibrant array of culture and tradition – as well as some delicious, spicy food.

Volunteering in Kenya offers the chance to take part in sea turtle and marine conservation programmes in Watamu. Kenya is one of the perfect destinations for travellers looking to make a real difference.  Did you know, Kenyan environmentalist Professor Wangari Maathai was the first African woman to win the Nobel Peace Prize in 2004 with her contribution to sustainable development and democracy?  Her attitude towards nature has inspired many and continues to be cultivated in the country and,  hopefully, across the world.

Our Projects in Kenya

  • Watamu Sea Turtle Volunteer Project, Kenya

    • Duration 2 Weeks+
    • Prices from £980

    An opportunity to take part in Kenya sea turtle conservation involving research and monitoring, working at a turtle rehabilitation centre and protecting nesting sites along the Watamu Coastline.

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Climate and Geography

Kenya is a country of diverse geography and climate.  It is made up of a mix of wide savannas, arid deserts, fertile lowlands, stretching highlands and forested coastlines.  There are also a number of beautiful lakes and the impressive Great Rift Valley.  The weather is highly dependent on the area you are in, but the coast largely remains hot and humid throughout the year and at higher altitudes, you’ll experience cooler temperatures.

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Culture and History

Matching the impressive landscapes of the country are the equally impressive cultures, peoples and histories.  With its role in the ancient Indian Ocean trade, Kenya boasts some beautifully colourful traditions, food and clothing.  The struggles for independence have also contributed to a strong literary tradition and fables that ring true with powerful messages of strength and morality.

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Wildlife and Biodiversity

Home to an array of large mammals as well as beautiful birds and tranquil sea creatures, Kenya remains a key destination for both those looking to experience the wildlife and those looking to aid in its protection.  Along the coast, volunteers can join our Watamu Sea Turtle Programme and take part in sea turtle research and marine conservation programmes all year round.

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