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Nepal Volunteer in Nepal

"The host family were extremely welcoming and made me feel as if I became a part of the family despite the language barrier. I was included in all family events and was spoiled. I would definitely recommend volunteering in Nepal, an experience I will never forget."

Rebecca Airey, UK

With famous wonders like Mt. Everest carved into the landscape and southern stretches of limitless grasslands, it’s no surprise that Nepal has a towering reputation for natural beauty and biodiversity.  Charming cities and towns wind their way up the landscapes tied together by the long strings of colourful prayer flags that reach right up into the snowy heights of some of the mountains.  The serenity of these stand in contrast only with the bustling array of the capital city, Kathmandu, which is a cataclysmic sensory overload of sights, smells and sounds.

Despite a tumultuous modern history, the country is renowned for the sense of peace that extends across ethnicities and religious groups.  The tranquility is found in all of the sacred sites scattered from lowlands to hilltops. Volunteers in Nepal will witness how the Nepalese are remarked for being humble, kind and welcoming.  In fact, both the people and the landscapes provide an equally revitalising breath of fresh air.

Our Projects in Nepal

  • Rural Community Volunteer Project, Nepal

    • Duration 2-16 Weeks
    • Prices from £540

    Volunteer on a range of community projects in Nepal, including healthcare and environmental farming projects.

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Climate and Geography

Sandwiched between two Asian giants, China and India, Nepal is a country of both toweringly high mountains, deep gorges, vast valleys and stretching lowlands.  The seasons are divided largely between wet and dry and temperatures get progressively colder as you move into higher altitudes in the north.

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Culture and History

Nepal’s rich history tells tales of multiple dynasties, fearsome monarchs, local and international conflicts and a thriving collection of ethnicities.  Quite heavily influenced by Indian and Tibetan traditions, the culture of the country stems largely from religious foundations.

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Wildlife and Biodiversity

Volunteers in Nepal will experience an array of landscapes from the lowest plains to the highest mountain,  the country is home to a wide range of animated fauna and flora.  From the shy red panda to the fearsome snow leopard, the country plays host to some of the worlds most loved species.

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