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New Zealand Volunteer in New Zealand

" I really enjoyed the work we did in the forest as you could see directly how this would benefit the native birds and other creatures. I also liked the trips to the local attractions (the large Kauri tree, the night Kiwi walk and the beautiful Ka Iwi lakes)."

Kate Whitley

With the potential for some of the most iconic road trips, the darkest skies and some of the planet’s tallest trees, New Zealand is home to many perfect dreamy landscapes.  In fact, land and place are central to the Māori people’s identity and as a consequence, nature and the environment has settled at the heart of Kiwi society.  But with such natural beauty this is not altogether too surprising: soaring mountainscapes, mysterious lakes and rivers, dramatic volcanic plateaus, fjords, ancient forests, glaciers, miles of farmland and even more miles of glorious coastline with sandy beaches.

This just gives you a taste of the sites to embrace when you come to volunteer in New Zealand.  In fact, if you’ve seen the Lord of the Rings, the Hobbit, the Narnia Chronicles or the Piano you already have a sense of what the country has to offer – though nothing compares to the marvel of the landscapes in person.  Because of this, New Zealanders share a strong sense of guardianship (kaitiaki-tanga) for the environment and balance is a cornerstone of society.

Our Projects in New Zealand

Geography and Climate

New Zealand is an island nation comprised largely of two main islands and a collection of smaller islands.  Its terrain ranges from snow tipped mountains in the south, lush temperate rainforest across the islands, and broad coastal strips.  The climate is varied, though for the most part a maritime climate.

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History and Culture

New Zealand (or Kiwi) culture is a unique blend of European and indigenous Māori influences.  A relatively young nation, the country is still steeped in a deep sense of pride and many traditions and much of the lifestyle revolves around nature.

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Wildlife and Biodiversity

So much of the life in New Zealand revolves around nature and the environment, and as such there is commitment to ensuring it stays protected.  Volunteering in New Zealand on our two conservation programmes really gives you a chance to be immersed in this stunning landscape.

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